Ultra Dash

Games Nannies Love This is one of the best gifts I ever gave to my Nanny Kids. I create different obstacle courses indoors and outside for my Nanny Kids. No two games are ever completely the same. Ultra Dash is a test of speed, agility, and reaction. As the kids get older I make the […]


Product Review Sunday HedBanz Game is a guessing game that takes the classic game of 20 questions to a sillier level. Two to six players can play at a time, and each is equipped with three plastic chips and an adjustable headband. Each player selects a picture card from the deck and attaches it to […]

Games to Play with Kids to Help Them Listen

How Do You Get Kids to Listen? Listening skills can be practiced in fun ways in the home. Since kids learn through play, here are fun ways to teach your charges to listen better. Story Chain Play a story game with the child or with the whole family. The Babycenter web site suggests that one […]

Suspend: Great Holiday Gift

Product Review Sunday Melissa & Doug Suspend is an addicting game all about balance that is sure to result in laughter and light-hearted competition. Players take turns hanging pieces from one another and trying not to knock any down. If you do, you have to take those pieces and add them to your pile, whoever runs out […]

Are You Working for a New Year’s Eve Party?

What to Do with Kids on New Year’s Eve If you are working for New Year’s Eve, here are some ideas to use with children as midnight approaches. For kid friendly drinks click here.  For New Year’s Eve arts n’ crafts click here. If possible, rent some holiday movies such as How the Grinch Stole […]

Thanksgiving Games for Nannies and Au Pairs

Wednesdays with Whitney Only one more day until Thanksgiving! Feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of keeping the entire kiddie table occupied for the day? Keep these games on hand to keep the kids busy and the parents child free. Thanksgiving Tic Tac Toe Put a holiday twist on this classic game by using mini pumpkins […]

Enjoying Autumn With Kids

What Does Autumn Smell Like? We have been discussing ways for kids to learn about Autumn using their senses. Autumn smells like the first fire in the fireplace, apple pies, and beeswax candles on the dinner table as night’s darkness falls earlier and earlier. Help kids identify smells like fireplaces and bonfires, pickling spices, and […]

What Do You for Fun With Kids When the Power Goes Out?

How to Have Fun with Kids When the Power Goes Out Show kids how to make shadow puppets using flashlights. Play board games. Play musical instruments. Read a book by candle light or kerosene lantern. Sing songs – little kids love this activity. Come up with funny songs you sang as a kid and teach […]