Thanksgiving Games for Nannies and Au Pairs

Wednesdays with Whitney

Only one more day until Thanksgiving! Feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of keeping the entire kiddie table occupied for the day? Keep these games on hand to keep the kids busy and the parents child free.

Thanksgiving Tic Tac Toe
Put a holiday twist on this classic game by using mini pumpkins as your markers. Be sure to distinguish the “x’s and o’s” by painting patterns or whole pumpkins.

Journey to Plymouth Rock
For this game, two children stand at opposite sides of the room. One is the Mayflower and one is Plymouth Rock. All the rest of the kids sit as rocks in between. Now Plymouth Rock shouts directions for a blindfolded Mayflower to journey across the room. The kids will love this game, but beware of crushed little fingers.

Hide A Turkey

Use turkey stickers and sticks to hide turkeys throughout the house and send the kids out to find them. It’s like an Easter egg hunt for Thanksgiving!

Reference: Whitney shares these games she used to do as a child, courtesy of her mother. Don’t forget to check out Whitney’s personal blog at


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