Suspend: Great Holiday Gift

Product Review Sunday

Melissa & Doug Suspend is an addicting game all about balance that is sure to result in laughter and light-hearted competition. Players take turns hanging pieces from one another and trying not to knock any down. If you do, you have to take those pieces and add them to your pile, whoever runs out of pieces first wins. There are a few variations though, which helps you warm up to the game and keeps it interesting.

There’s a Beginner Level, an Intermediate Level, and an Expert Tournament. The Beginner Level is simple. Just take turns hanging pieces starting with the longest and working toward the shortest pieces. Whoever runs out first, wins. At the Intermediate Level you roll the die and play whatever color rod matches with what you rolled, instead of getting to choose which piece to hang. And if you’re feeling really bold you can have an Expert Tournament, which adds a point system and elimination rounds to the game. For all levels, you can only use one hand.

This game makes a great holiday gift for kids 8-years-old and up.

Melissa & Doug Suspend

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