Product Review Sunday

HedBanz Game is a guessing game that takes the classic game of 20 questions to a sillier level. Two to six players can play at a time, and each is equipped with three plastic chips and an adjustable headband. Each player selects a picture card from the deck and attaches it to their headband so that they can’t see it, but the other players can. The players then each take a turn asking questions about what’s on their card in an effort to guess its identity. If you guess correctly before the timer runs out, you discard one of your chips; if you don’t, you collect a new chip and take a new card for your next turn. The first player to discard all of their chips is the winner.

Although the makers of this game recommend it for kids seven-years-old and up it is definitely suitable for an entire family.

Board games make great gifts for children and their family. Purchase your own HedBanz Gameby clicking the links above or below:

HedBanz Game

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