Sarah, Plain and Tall

Book Reviews for Kids by Kids
By Alanna 10-Years-Old

Sarah, Plain and Tall is a realistic fiction book written for children. This story takes place on a farm, in a prairie, in the United States in the 1800’s.

In the story Caleb and Anna’s mom dies. So, their father Jacob puts an ad in the newspaper for a new wife. A lady named Sarah writes to the whole family because she wants to try to come to see if she can be the kids’ mother. When she comes she tries her best to be a good mother, even though she misses the ocean, her brother, and the sand dunes. Sarah wants to go back to the ocean, but she doesn’t leave because she would miss the kids more.

Sarah, Plain and Tall won a Newberry honor award. I recommend this book to people who have lots of interest in how life used to be a long time ago and how hard life can be on the prairie. If you like Little House On the Prairie books then you might like Sarah, Plain and Tallbecause in both stories they live on the prairie.

The lesson learned in this story is no matter how different people are they can still love each other.

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Sarah, Plain and Tall

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