How to Tell Your Employers About National Nanny Recognition Week Without Sounding Self-Serving

Practically Perfect Podcast by Lora Brawley and Sue Downey It is National Nanny Recogntion Week (NNRW). NNRW is September 22 to 29, 2012. and is a great time for parents to appreciate the important work their nannies do. But, a lot of employers don’t know about it. This podcast by Lora Brawley of and Sue Downey […]

Happy National Nanny Recognition Week from Hilton Head Nannies

Happy National Nanny Recognition Week from Nannypalooza!

Why Do You Love Working as a Nanny?

It is National Nanny Recognition Week September 18 – 24 In honor of National Nanny Recognition Week, yesterday we aksed nannies how their employers show them that they appreciate them. Today Be the Best Nanny Newsletter asks nannies to share why they love working in their chosen profession. Please take the time to read the […]

National Nanny Recognition Week Sept 18 – 24, 2011

What Do Your Employers Do to Show They Appreciate You? National Nanny Recognition Week begins today! So, for Product Review Sunday we recommend parents buy gifts for their nannies from Cafe Press. What nanny wouldn’t love an adorable tote bag or shirt given to them to show their employers’ appreciation? Click here to shop for nanny […]

In Honor of Nannies this National Nanny Recognition Week

Why I Love Working as a Nanny By Terri Carroll I love being a nanny because I know I make a difference in the lives of the little ones I come in contact with — even if it’s just a one-week temporary job. I could write 10-pages on why I know this is true, but […]

Why Do I Like Working as a Nanny?

There is Nothing Better Than Helping Raise a Child By De-Shaun Silas Why do I like working as a nanny? For me, there is nothing better than knowing that I have had a hand in helping raise a child and had a life-long impact on their lives. I don’t just like what I do, I […]

Why Working as a Nanny is so Important!

In Honor of National Nanny Recognition Week By Emelie Wingblad RootI’ve spent the last 16-years working in the child care industry and feel that one of my best assets is the way I relate to children! Caring for children is the one thing in my life that I can confidently say that I know how […]

What it Means to Me to Be a Nanny!

In Honor of National Nanny Recognition Week By Andrea FlaggI greatly enjoy being an interactive nanny who truly enjoys being a part of a child’s life. Their energy is contagious and you can’t help but to see the world through their eyes, where everything is new and amazing! Working as a nanny, there are endless […]

What Being a Nanny is All About!

National Nanny Recognition Week It is National Nanny Recognition Week. While this is a week parents are encouraged to show appreciation for their nannies, Be the Best Nanny Newsletter will share stories from caregivers expressing why they love working as nannies and why their profession is so important. Our first essay if from Josiah Laubenstein, […]