National Nanny Recognition Week Sept 18 – 24, 2011

What Do Your Employers Do to Show They Appreciate You?

National Nanny Recognition Week begins today! So, for Product Review Sunday we recommend parents buy gifts for their nannies from Cafe Press. What nanny wouldn’t love an adorable tote bag or shirt given to them to show their employers’ appreciation? Click here to shop for nanny gifts.

Some of our readers told us the gifts they loved recieving from their employers. Feel free to share how your employers have shown they appreciate you.

For example, Maria Lopez of Miami, FL says, “One morning the mother told me she got a bonus at work so she’s giving me $100 and a day off of my asking. She said I was a very important part of the family. Although it wasn’t for Nanny Recognition Week this unexpected gift was so amazing.”

Another nanny, Imani O., also has been given cash and time-off from the parents as a way for the family to show their appreciation. She explains, “This summer the parents asked me if there were a few extra days I would like off this summer (paid). We scheduled the days off and they handed me a Thank You card with cash in it to spend on my days off!”

Fiona Littleton, a nanny in New York, NY said, “Other than saying ‘thank you’ often the parents allowed me to stay in their summer house in the Hamptons this summer while they went to Disney. They allowed me to use their credit card to buy food too. They said this was sinmply a Thank You gift rather than using it as vacation time of sick days or holiday bonus.”

A full-time, live-out nanny Kimberly shares with us, “My Mom Boss gets a lot of gift cards from work whenever she reaches sales goals. Typically she gives the gift card to me. She has given me American Express gift cards, several Barnes and Noble gifts cards, and a Nordstrom gift card.”

Erin, a nanny in Greenwich, CT says, “The parents gave me a week off  to spend without them at their shore house. Free rent and I got paid my regular salary. I can’t complain.”

What have your employers given you to show they appreciate you?


  1. This is really depressing actually. There's no way my mom and dad boss know about nanny recognition week. I don't get gifts except for my bday and christmas. Honestly gifts aren't needed, money is. But, if they were to buy me some flowers this week or a gift card, or the stuff you linked to I would love it.

  2. They show they appreciate me everyday, not just this week. They pay me very well, pay my health insurance, I get many weeks paid vacation days, limitless sick days since I have only need one week in five years, they give me a raise each year, they give heartfelt gifts and $3K for holiday bonus. Plus, they feed me, say thank you daily, and don't expect more than being a child caregiver from me. They don't ask me to do work outside of my job description. They help me out as much as possible too.

  3. Steph 6, I am sorry. Actually it's for the nannies with unaware bosses that I some times regret this week. As I too have been there in the past. This is why I chose to make this year be the one where I was thinking beyond what I am getting, and to really recognize all nannies. I chose to invest some money into creating an event here in my community for nannies and charges. It's called NannyFest. My bosses know it is happening as I wanted it be while we nannies were working so that the children can honor their nannies too. I am hoping it is something that can happen in other places too. It's been fun planning.

  4. First nanny family, over 10 years ago were wonderful with always showing their appreciation. Since I was hired thru an agency, maybe they were more aware, also back then it was a nannies market and good nannies were few and far between? They always bought me little thank you gifts, even for Mother's Day.Second family was great too, and very thoughtful, if they went away they would always bring me back a little gift, just to let me know they were thinking of me.Third family and forth family are very different, and I will be lucky to get a raise, no less a nanny-versary bonus. No perks, nothing extra ever if I go above and beyond. They are so wrapped up in their own lives, I don't even know if they realize all I do for them. I would love to tell them about NNRW, but don't even know how to bring it up, or if they would even care.It's just a whole new nanny world now, than it was 10 years ago. Parents of the 30 something age bracket have a different mind set on how to treat a nanny- IMO.

  5. Samanthathey put gas in my car occasionally, will send me home with dinner, let me leave early if theyre home, but most importantly they thank me all the time and tell me how much they appreciate me and all i do for there family!MalletteI am thanked each and everyday. MB has the kids say thanks for a good day. Then something i started I give the kids backwards hugs. They are the ones who say "backward hugs" first.KariMost importantly they respect me as a professional and trust my judgment daily. 🙂 I might not get thanked daily, but I know they are thankful and appreciative of everything i do. Nothing says that more than being treated with respect and as a professional. Letting do my Job and not micromanaging me means more than anything.Emelie Nothing.LisaI could be writing a long time about the different ways I know my bosses are grateful to me. And no I can't always say this was the case historically. After awhile I learned to pay attention even in interviews if I could sense bosses were going to be appreciative or not and that has made a differnce in who I choose to go to work for. But just yesterday morning as I was heading out to do things to get ready for NannyFest here on Wednesday I was thinking, man I am so grateful that I work for these people. This job came in a point in my life when I knew I needed to think beyond just the current position, and my bosses support the other things I am trying to accomplish in my life. I love that they appreciate me as a total person.Emelie Wow, Lisa, that's really great. How nice for you.Kari Exactly Lisa: My bosses are 100 percent behind me when I was studying for my personal training certificate and obtained that and for my teaching.Kari Showing appreciation doesn't have to be something tangible.. it can be the little things in a Job that Make a huge difference! :)LisaI made a choice this year to think beyond myself and my nanny friends. I am hosting an event here in NoVA for DC area nannies. An afternoon of fun; storytimes, games, projects, and cake and punch. It's put me in a good mood.Jenny absolutely nothing, in fact I was let go on Friday…..whew!!! It was not a good fit, I was never thanked, never once did they approach me to get to know me as a person, the kids rule the roost and I was obviously just "the help". Didn't appreciate the way it ended, but I amno stress free!! And unemployed….but that's ok.Emelie Sorry to hear that, Jenny. I totally understand where you are coming from, though & often have experienced that myself. It's awful!

  6. They show me they appreciate me by hiring a separate housekeeper, chef and personal assitant. When they give me too many duties and I keep doing more without a raise I am not appreciated.

  7. Sarah nope, they don't know about NNRW, and it would be awkward to bring up. They are very appreciative most of the time though.StacyNo, they do not know about it either. I wish the agencies we work with would send out emails or something letting them knowEmelieNope, nothing. Like the others, they have no clue about it.PamI doubt is they know it is Nanny Recognition Week! How is this publicized? Is it on a calendar somewhere? Should be right up there with Boss' Day & Professional Administrator's Day!BritneyI'd have to agree with everyone else. Don't think anyone I know even knows about NNRW! But the family I work for is very appreciative and gladly I don't need a week to be reminded 🙂

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