How to Tell Your Employers About National Nanny Recognition Week Without Sounding Self-Serving

Practically Perfect Podcast by Lora Brawley and Sue Downey

It is National Nanny Recogntion Week (NNRW). NNRW is September 22 to 29, 2012. and is a great time for parents to appreciate the important work their nannies do. But, a lot of employers don’t know about it. This podcast by Lora Brawley of and Sue Downey of suggest how to tell your employers about NNRW without sounding self-serving.

Click here for the Practically Perfect Podcast.

On the podcast Sue Downey recommends taking the focus off yourself and make NNRW a celebration about your great working relationship with the parents as well. She says, “It takes a great nanny to raise a child. But it takes great employers to support that nanny so she can do a good job.”

If you are only bringing up NNRW just to get a gift that’s not the spirit Lora and Sue think we should share on NNRW.

Sue recommends brining up NNRW with the intention of sharng the concepet that the parents and nanny feel lucky to have found each other. She says you can say, “I am very proud of the work that I have done and I hope that you see I work very hard and take a minute to notice that. But, also I am very happy that you support me in what I am trying to accomplish with your kids.”

Another way to bring up NNRW is to say, “It’s National Nanny Recognition Week and there are events going on all over the country, but I really think we should celebrate our great relationship.”

Sue also suggests that if you don’t have the best relationship with the parents, you can at least celebrate with the kids. Perhaps you would be more comfortable explaining to the parents, “We are going to go out and have pizza this week or grab and ice cream cone after school to celebrate National Nanny Recognition Week because it takes all of us to make this [relationship] successful.”

Take the focus a little bit off of yourself and include the kids and parents in the celebration.

Lora also suggests contacting Kellie Geres at the NNRW blogKellie is sending out postcards and letters about NNRW to send your employers. 

Sue also recommends sharing the NNRW logo on Facebook and adding it to the bottom of your email signature. When the parents ask you how was your weekend say you attended a NNRW event. Or, when the parents ask what you are doing this weekend say you and another nanny friend are going out to dinner to celebrate NNRW.

The podcast encourages us to take a minute to thank any nanny mentors or nannies you admire this week too. 


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