No More Sorting of Whites and Colors: SHOUT Color Catcher

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Over the past 19-years working as a nanny I have always done the children’s laundry and many nannies wash the entire family’s laundry.

The very first thing I learned about doing laundry is to sort the white clothes from dark clothes or clothes with bright colors. My grandmother told my mother, my mother told me, and I have told the children in my care that even one red stripe on one white shirt can turn all the white clothing in a load of laundry pink.

The only major change in doing laundry over the past two decades that I’ve found is the Shout Color Catcher and I highly recommend the product to other nannies and au pairs because it eliminates the need to sort clothing!

The Shout Color Catchersheets feel and look similar to the average dryer sheet. I just throw the sheet in with the load of laundry and the sheet absorbs and traps loose dyes in the water, safeguarding the laundry from colors that bleed.

When I use SHOUT Color Catcher sheets, I wash darks, bright colors, and whites together and the white clothes stay white. The color is on the SHOUT Color Catcher sheet and not the white clothes.

I highly recommend the Shout Color Catcher because it’s easy to use and it has saved me a lot of time.

Don’t forget to stop by again next Sunday for antoher product review. Purchase Shout Color Catcher by clicking links below.

Shout Color Catcher


  1. I agree I love this product. I use at work all the time.

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