Covid-19 Addendum for Nanny Contracts

Protect Your Income During the Pandemic Coronavirus is stressful for everyone, including nannies and their employers. I have nanny and au pair friends in conflict with the parents that employ them about social distancing. Disagreements about coronavirus safety measures have caused some caregiver friends to quit long-term jobs they previously loved. I have also heard […]

How to Tell Your Employers About National Nanny Recognition Week Without Sounding Self-Serving

Practically Perfect Podcast by Lora Brawley and Sue Downey It is National Nanny Recogntion Week (NNRW). NNRW is September 22 to 29, 2012. and is a great time for parents to appreciate the important work their nannies do. But, a lot of employers don’t know about it. This podcast by Lora Brawley of and Sue Downey […]

Free Nanny Webinar – Nanny Taxes: Facts, Fiction and Conversation How-Tos

Thursday, February 17th7:30 PM EST / 4:30 PM PST Presenters: Tom Breedlove and Lora Brawley In the first part of this webinar Tom Breedlove, a top nanny tax expert, will provide a comprehensive look at the what, when and why of nanny taxes. He’ll answer attendees’ questions in user-friendly language and provide helpful resources to […]

Sum Up How Nannies and Au Pairs Negotiate

Conclusion of Negotiating SuccessBy Lora Brawley, Not all negotiations end with a favorable outcome. Sometimes there is not a workable solution to a problem. I often see this when a child begins school full-time. The nanny feels she has put in her time, often caring for the child since infancy, and is a valuable […]

Negotiating a New Job

Negotiating Success Part IV By Lora Brawley, Negotiating a New Job Don’t wait to negotiate your salary and benefit package until you are offered a job. The most common mistake nannies make is waiting to negotiate until after they have been offered the job. From the very first contact, you’re planting the seeds that […]

Negotiating Success Part II

Know What You OfferBy Lora Brawley, Yesterday we discussed that it is important to know what you want when negotiating. It’s equally important to know what you are offering before you enter into a negotiation. This is often a very difficult task for nannies. Even when a nanny knows she’s a great caregiver and […]

Negotiating Success

How Nannies Can Get What They WantBy Lora Brawley,·go·ti·ate1. to deal or bargain with another or others, as in the preparation of a treaty or contract or in preliminaries to a business deal.2. to arrange for or bring about by discussion and settlement of terms: to negotiate a loan. Photo above of mother and […]