Does Your Nanny Agency Help You Negotiate Your Salary and Terms of Your Job?

If You Have Trouble Negotiating Use Our Nanny Job Negotiation Comparison Sheet It is easy for most nannies to speak with children. But, it is much harder for some nannies to speak with parents, especially when it comes to negotiating their wages, job benefits, and job duties. That’s why I enlisted the help of a full-time negotiator to create the Be […]

Sum Up How Nannies and Au Pairs Negotiate

Conclusion of Negotiating SuccessBy Lora Brawley, Not all negotiations end with a favorable outcome. Sometimes there is not a workable solution to a problem. I often see this when a child begins school full-time. The nanny feels she has put in her time, often caring for the child since infancy, and is a valuable […]

Negotiating a New Job

Negotiating Success Part IV By Lora Brawley, Negotiating a New Job Don’t wait to negotiate your salary and benefit package until you are offered a job. The most common mistake nannies make is waiting to negotiate until after they have been offered the job. From the very first contact, you’re planting the seeds that […]