Does Your Nanny Agency Help You Negotiate Your Salary and Terms of Your Job?

If You Have Trouble Negotiating Use Our Nanny Job Negotiation Comparison Sheet

It is easy for most nannies to speak with children. But, it is much harder for some nannies to speak with parents, especially when it comes to negotiating their wages, job benefits, and job duties.

That’s why I enlisted the help of a full-time negotiator to create the Be the Best Nanny Newsletter Job Negotiation Comparison Sheet.

Now, during negotiations, and before starting a new job, I simply pull out the chart and hand it to the parents. We simply go through each topic on the checklist one by one. Topics I used to have trouble bringing up in the past, can now be asked and answered simply by going through the checklist together.

Of course, you should edit the checklist to fit your job preferences. If you are like me and often find it difficult to negotiate with parents, I highly recommend bringing this chart along to help you discuss job duties, compensation, and job benefits with future employers.


  1. I have used this at my last nanny interview. It forced the mom to discuss health benefits and she mumbled under her breath. So as we were finishing I just said she forgot to answer that question. She said something about HSAs and I said ok. But they never did it. See, I should have made her write it down then!Another tip which some might find unethical is that I filled in one family first and made it up. Then I had her start filling out the chart. LOL I think it scares them to see you are going to compare the jobs side by side.It's the best job ever and I never even thought to ask about half the stuff on the negotiation chart. Seriously the fact that you have 3 families on same page helps you negotiate proving you are organized and comparing offers. 🙂

  2. I did use a great agency to find my current job in 2008. The agency told me the salary range they were willing to pay $15 – $20 per hour depending on education, experience, etc. The agency gave the parents a sample contract, not me. I did use this chart and we used it and very helpful because it's just too hard for me to remember everything to ask and not seem pushy. After the mom liked me and asked my rate I said $18 per hour because that was $2 per hour more than I made with the previous job, which sounded great with a 57 – 60 hour work week. But, my family and friends thought I should have asked for $20. But I don't regret the choice. I later found out $18 was less than their current nanny was making so they were happy thrilled with that #. They give me a $1 per hour raise each year and I've been there since 2008. Plus they had another baby and gave me 10% raise after that. You do the math! 🙂

  3. I can see these working. And I actually keep something similiar to this for my own reference when I am deciding between families. But I've gotten to a point now where parents politely ask me to spell out my minimums. And I have had counter offers better than that based on research they have done and what nannies make in the area. (My former bosses were worried about poaching.)I will keep this in mind for the futre though, should the need arise. Thanks.

  4. I came to america as an aupair and they help you every step of the way. Married am a citizen now and use agencies for nanny jobs and completely different experience than aupair agency. No agency negotiated for me. They are nice and get me interviews and educate parents, which is great, but aupair agencies are much, much more hands on. I have to negotiate for myself now.

  5. The agencies I've used give the parents more attention and info than nannies. They really just give me a brief description, where they live, how many kids, salary range then leave it up to me to do the rest.

  6. Hi,I dont work with agencies, I personally dont trust a lot of them I am sure there are some good ones out there I just work with them…I used an agency once and I made it very clear to them I would neg my own benefits and salary, the only thing I ask is the salary range for the family and I tookit from there. IMO no one can neg better for me then myself. I have used the template listed and its great tool to have at interviews.

  7. I tend to stay in jobs for a long time-in my current job for 5 years this year-generally the agency gives the parameters of the job-description, pay, etc., and then the rest gets worked out. I will say I expected more considering they are an "industry" family that I had had with previous industry families, i.e., more time off. So that was a shock, of course the parents weren't quite in the same jobs so that explains why (most were producers/directors, current is studio). Do I feel agencies should advocate more? Yes. They are our first line of defense.

  8. FYI finding this spreadsheet in your newsletter was one of the best things that ever happened to me. It's good to use for yourself but better if you bring it to your negotiations and have the parent fill it out for you.I have heard zillions of workshops on how to negotiate salary but I can't talk to people like that. I think most nannies are more like me when it comes to asking for money and job perks. It's just very difficult. I did use this WITH THE PARENTS for my last 2 jobs. THANKS!

  9. Agencies have never negotiatied for me. Now that websites are getting better and better I can do what I need to do to find a job myself. See how many "likes" they have on their Facebook pages. Web sites have many thousands following them and agencies not even a few hundred.

  10. For the first time nanny the agency is very helpful. But they do not negotiate for the nanny. If anything, they help the parents.

  11. I have never once found a succesful permanent position through an agency (CA Bay Area). For the most part, the families I've met through agencies have been Nanny Diaries crazy. I am a Craigslist believer… I think those families tend to work out better for me because they are willing to put in the work to interview and screen nannies for themselves instead of just paying someone to do the hard work for them. I can't stand elitist people who treat me like a servant, and that's pretty much all I've found through agencies. Not to mention agency people have not been at all helpful in terms of advocating for the nanny–they are there to make their paying clients, the families, happy. Not us.

  12. Hi Friends,The Nanny Agency’s process for qualifying and placing nannies with families. The agencies approved by the good nanny agency guide are welcome to post nanny jobs and nannies. Thanks a lot for sharing with us…

  13. huh? "Domestic Help Agencies",I don't understand what this sentence means "The Nanny Agency's process for qualifying and places nannies with families." Could you clarify?

  14. I wish I could find a reputable agency in my area!

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