Sum Up How Nannies and Au Pairs Negotiate

Conclusion of Negotiating Success
By Lora Brawley,

Not all negotiations end with a favorable outcome. Sometimes there is not a workable solution to a problem. I often see this when a child begins school full-time. The nanny feels she has put in her time, often caring for the child since infancy, and is a valuable asset to the family. The family feels it’s an unfair hardship to pay the nanny a full-time salary for working a part-time schedule.

If after honest discussion, you and your employer cannot find a workable solution, it’s time to end the working relationship. It does benefit you, your employers, or your charge to remain in a situation that clearly isn’t working any longer.

After a week of discussing negotiating I hope nannies and au pairs know that negotiating success is within your reach. Just remember to stay true to your wants and needs, honor the many things you bring to the table, and use your nanny skills to build a positive rapport and find a workable solution with your employers.

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  1. I know this is a little late but thanks for this info. I’m confused about what Lora does, is she part of a nanny agency?Thanks, Maria, Mother of Nanny, Naperville IL

  2. Good articles, what a great resource. Thanks for sharing.Katherine, Princeton NJ

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