Negotiating Terms of Your Job or Raise

Negotiating Success Part V
By Lora Brawley,

There are two mains issues that generally bring nannies into negotiations with their current employers. The most common issue is negotiating an increase in your compensation package, a raise, or additional or expanded benefit.

The second issue is negotiating an issue relating to the nuts and bolts of your job such as hours or household duties.

Negotiating a Raise or Increase in Benefits
The first step to getting the raise or benefit you want is to honestly evaluate what you have done in the period leading up to the negotiation that supports your position. Ask yourself, “What household issues have I tackled? What child-related challenges have I helped the family with: developing a sleep schedule, potty training, starting school, or improving study skills?”

Negotiating the Terms of Your Job
The best way to avoid having to negotiate is to have a comprehensive nanny/family contract in place at the start of the job. If you don’t have a work agreement, develop one now. When developing the contract, tackle all the issues you are facing at one time. Otherwise, you risk becoming a nanny that is seemingly running to her employer with a problem at every turn; known in parent terms as the dreaded “high maintenance nanny.”

Tomorrow: Negotiating a Problem.

Lora Brawley, Email: Office: 253 517-8025 Toll Free:866-Nanny Jobs

Have you ever negotiated a raise, increase in benefits, or terms of your job?


  1. I just started being a nanny this year (my first time) and I did not sign a work contract because I didnt know how to do it. There are so many issues I didnt anticipate before moving into their home. Mostly living where I work makes me feel as if I never have any time off. I understand why Lora says to create a contract now but I dont know how to ask the parents to make a contract now because it seems too late. Wont they think I am complaining and am a high maintenance nanny if I ask to make a contract now (six months into the job)?My point is that it is easier said than done.Julie, Nanny in Greenwich, CT

  2. It is really hard to bring up any terms of the job after the start of the job. Although nannies need to keep some professional discipline to respect boundaries and maintian professional discussion open with the parents it is much harder to do then talk about. Most nannies are caring and thoughtful and want to be liked and this makes negotiating difficult.Katie O. Madison, Wisconsin

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