What Are Standard Nanny Benefits?

What Benefits Do You Have? Standard benefits to offer nannies include: paid vacation (two-weeks minimum); paid Federal holidays (at least six-days including New Years Day, Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas); and paid sick and personal days. If the nanny does not use the vacation, sick, or personal days then the nanny […]

What Job Benefits Do You Have? What Job Benefits Do You Wish You Had?

10 Job Benefits Nannies WantBy aupair.org Families that employee nannies have a lot of flexibility on what benefits they provide to them. Most families do offer some of the same standard benefits that anyone would expect at a full time job, but every nanny also has the option of requesting benefits when negotiating her contract. Here […]

September To-Do List: Do You Have Health Insurance?

Responsibility, Reform, Research Earlier this year we presented a series that highlighted the year-to-year changes mandated by new health care laws. Click here to see a summary of the series or enter “health care reform” in our search engine. You should be aware that these newly enacted laws and regulations do not form a socialist […]

Parents, to Keep Your Nanny Offer Tax Deductible Health Insurance Benefits

Tax Deductible HRA and HSA for Parents to Offer Nannies Providing benefits for your nanny is a great way to keep her long-term. Benefits that you may want to offer your nanny include: paid vacation (2 weeks minimum); paid Federal holidays (at least six days including New Years Day, Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, […]

Negotiating Terms of Your Job or Raise

Negotiating Success Part V By Lora Brawley, http://www.allaboutnannycare.com/ There are two mains issues that generally bring nannies into negotiations with their current employers. The most common issue is negotiating an increase in your compensation package, a raise, or additional or expanded benefit. The second issue is negotiating an issue relating to the nuts and bolts […]