Where Are Nannies in America Making the Most Money?

2012 International Nanny Association Salary and Benefits Survey Six hundred seventy-three (673) in-home child care providers responded to the International Nanny Association Salary Survey. Six hundred sixty–one (661) respondents indicated that they were employed as of December 31, 2011, and therefore were eligible to complete the survey. The 2012 INA Nanny Salary and Benefits Survey […]

Do Parents Care More About Their Checkbook Than Quality Care?

Do You Think More Parents are Hiring Inexperienced Nannies for Less Money, or Spending More for Experienced, Quality Care? With the Unemployment Rate for 16-to 24-Age Group the Highest Since World War II are Younger, Cheaper Nannies Taking All the Nanny Jobs? Yesterday we explained that the Bureau of Labor Statistics confirms that in 2010, childcare workers averaged $19,300 […]

Is the Demand and Pay for Nannies Growing, Slowing, or Staying the Same?

How Much Do Others Earn and Where Do They Earn It? In 2010, childcare workers averaged $19,300 per year compared to a national mean for all workers of $44,410. Analyzing data tables from the Bureau of Labor Statistics can reveal interesting statistics regarding childcare workers. The term “childcare workers” refers to those who provide care whether in-home […]

Are You Paid for Every Hour Worked?

California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights and Time We have been discussing the California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights (CDWBR). Click here to learn about why some people support the bill and some don’t. Click here to see the pros and cons of paid sick days for nannies. The CDWBR proclaims that workers have the […]

International Nanny Association Salary Survey

The 2009 International Nanny Association Salary Survey is based on the year 2008. Six hundred and sixty seven (667) in-home child care providers responded to the survey. The respondents included nannies, traveling nannies, temporary nannies, newborn care specialists, doulas, and governesses. The summary of the report can be found at: http://www.nanny.org/pdf/2009%20INA%20SURVEY.pdf Feel free to share […]

Negotiating Terms of Your Job or Raise

Negotiating Success Part V By Lora Brawley, http://www.allaboutnannycare.com/ There are two mains issues that generally bring nannies into negotiations with their current employers. The most common issue is negotiating an increase in your compensation package, a raise, or additional or expanded benefit. The second issue is negotiating an issue relating to the nuts and bolts […]

What to Charge on New Year’s Eve

Is it Fair to Ask for More Per Hour Working on New Year’s Eve? Andrea Flagg, professional nanny and co-founder of Nanny Alliance of New York and New Jersey http://www.nannyalliancenyandnj.com/ asked Best Nanny Newsletter http://www.bestnannynewsletter.com/ “Is it fair to ask for more than usual on New Year’s Eve?” We believe, in the spirit of the […]


One-thousand one-hundred and twenty-seven (1,127) in-home childcare providers responded to this monthly online poll at: http://www.bestnannynewsletter.com. The complete results are in the nanny trade publication. Below are listed the hourly pay averages from part-time caregivers that participated in the poll. Forty-nine percent (49%) of the caregivers are part-time nannies, 34% are full-time nannies, 8% are […]