Nanny Confessions: We Want You To Come Home On Time

Nanny Confessions by Elizabeth Hawksworth Are You Paid Overtime?I admit that as a nanny, I am sometimes excited when the parents come home late. It means extra money for me. It may also mean more time with the kids, which can be great if we’re doing a special craft or watching a movie. But nine times […]

Working Overtime Doubles Depression Risk

Do You Work More Than 40-Hours Per Week? A study released this week shows that working overtime doubles depression risk. Most nannies I know work more than 40-hours per week. And if you think the link between depression and work exists only in those who are unhappy with their jobs — think again. The study finds that […]

Are You Paid for Every Hour Worked?

California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights and Time We have been discussing the California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights (CDWBR). Click here to learn about why some people support the bill and some don’t. Click here to see the pros and cons of paid sick days for nannies. The CDWBR proclaims that workers have the […]

Nannies: Do You Get Overtime Pay?

Would the NY Nanny Law Help You (if you worked in NY)? For the past two weeks we have been discussing how New York State Legislature passed the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights, making New York the first state in the nation to provide new standards of worker protections for more than 200,000 employees in […]

If You Work 4th of July Do You Get Overtime Rate?

Fun Party Ideas for Nannies and Au Pairs Working on the 4th of July Sara Henderson, a nanny that works in Tarrytown, NY is working at a party with 10 children for the 4th of July. She explains she accepted the job at double here typical rate because it is a holiday. She also asked […]

Eleven Nanny and Domestic Worker Rights

Nanny and Domestic Worker Rights In a report prepared for the U.N. Human Rights Committee entitled, “Domestic Workers’ Rights in the United States,” violations against domestic workers are noted. The report states, “Employed in private homes to perform household tasks that historically have been assigned a diminished value, domestic workers frequently face exploitation and abuse, […]