Do You Agree that Nannies are Underpaid and Overworked?

HomeEconomics: The Invisible and Unregulated World of Domestic Work Nearly a 25% of domestic workers make less than their state minimum wage, and 25% of the live-in nannies get less than five hours of sleep a night, according to the national study released Tuesday by the National Domestic Workers Alliance. See study by clicking here. […]

Nanny Websites Allowing Parents to Offer Less than Minimum Wage

Why do nanny websites allow parents to post jobs offering less than minimum wage? “Nannies are on their own when interviewing with families found on nanny websites. They must not accept jobs offering salaries lower than the minimum wage.” De-Shaun Silas, a nanny from Memphis, TN brought to our attention that some nanny websites allow […]

Eleven Nanny and Domestic Worker Rights

Nanny and Domestic Worker Rights In a report prepared for the U.N. Human Rights Committee entitled, “Domestic Workers’ Rights in the United States,” violations against domestic workers are noted. The report states, “Employed in private homes to perform household tasks that historically have been assigned a diminished value, domestic workers frequently face exploitation and abuse, […]