Do You Agree that Nannies are Underpaid and Overworked?

HomeEconomics: The Invisible and Unregulated World of Domestic Work

Nearly a 25% of domestic workers make less than their state minimum wage, and 25% of the live-in nannies get less than five hours of sleep a night, according to the national study released Tuesday by the National Domestic Workers Alliance.

See study by clicking here. See the article about the study from the New York Times and another article from Daily News.


  1. Yes its true. Domestics are over worked and under paid. It's painfully obvious during the holiday season. I see my boss spending thousands on their kids and decorating the house. My boss just spent $4,100 to decorate the house for Christmas. I feel guilty if I spend $20. I'm not sure if I can afford a tree. Meanwhile, my boss couldn't work without my help and the kids love love love me. I will never make as much as my employers but they certainly can afford to give me health insurance, car stipend and a raise.

  2. There are well paid, educated nannies in this country. Compared to other child care jobs I think nannies CAN make more. It's just that MOST don't make enough and do feel exhausted and it's hard to make ends meet. So YES I think most nannies are overworked and underpaid. BUT nannies can make more than other child care workers.

  3. In CA and NY make $20 an hour and most nannies and housekeepers complain. You don't think you get respect? Well a lot of workers don't get paid well and don't get respect? Nannies are known for gossip, watching soap operas and complaining. If you don't like your job get a job at Target for $7.25 per hour with long hours of disrespected work as well. Grass is always greener so complain then go try to find a job in another field and see how much better things are for other workers?! NOT!

  4. So sad that people that care for homes and kids are lowest paid.

  5. I make a decent wage but most nannies and housekeepers aren't. All child care workers are under paid in general. Teachers have unions to help them and we need the same. That's why I am hopeful with National Domestic Worker's Alliance may be our first and best advocate.

  6. It blows my mind when parents don't pay and treat their caregivers with respect. These women are raising their kids! If you don't respect your caregiver they will resent you and the kids.Parents get what they pay for.

  7. Aren't nannies already protected under labor rights laws?

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