Reuse Your Crafts

aaaWednesdays with Whitney
Some crafts are great in that you can keep them up year round, however many tend to be seasonal. Yet that doesn’t mean you have to throw them in the trash! Teach the little ones to reuse their crafts from season to season by using versatile supplies and a creative imagination. Watch the transformation of this basic foam cone as we moved through the holidays.

Classic Christmas Treeaaa

The winter holidays are a knocking. Green paint and stickers make this reused cone into a festive centerpiece. Add a spritz of Christmas scent to really polish off this project.

Beach Umbrella Monster

This monster came alive with a handful of cocktail umbrellas and a lot of creativity.

Bewitching Halloween Hat

Once Halloween rolled around the umbrellas fell off and a witch hat emerged with some purple paint, a bit of paper, and plenty of spooky spider stickers.

The options are endless with the right tools and a child’s bright imagination, so rescue all of those Thanksgiving crafts and give them a makeover for the upcoming winter holidays! Be sure to come back and visit us next Wednesday for more creative projects from Whitney for nannies and au pairs.


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