Nannies: Do You Get Overtime Pay?

Would the NY Nanny Law Help You (if you worked in NY)? For the past two weeks we have been discussing how New York State Legislature passed the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights, making New York the first state in the nation to provide new standards of worker protections for more than 200,000 employees in […]

Today Should Be a Paid Holiday!

Nannies, Is Today a Paid Holiday for You? What Paid Holidays Do You Get Off? We have been posting articles about the new “New York Nanny Law.” Click here to see the article stating that Gov. Paterson will be pleased to sign the bill. Click here to see comments from the article entitled “Wake-Up Call […]

NY Nanny Law: Gov Paterson Says He’ll "Be Pleased to Sign it into Law."

This post was written by CBS News Investigates intern Brian Mastroianni. Deloris Wright worked for eight years as a nanny for a family in New York City. Earlier this year she was fired when she refused to work a nearly 60-hour week with no overtime. “I was so humiliated,” said Wright. “When I spoke to […]

The New Nanny Law: A Step in the Right Direction

Graphic from RaceWire The Colorlines Blog The new Nanny Law in New York will hopefully give both domestic employers and in-home employees a clear guideline for what is fair when negotiating a new contract. The Nanny Law allows penalties against those who do not follow basic labor laws. But, it is largely unenforceable unless someone […]