Nanny Confessions: Be Honest When Your Child Is Sick

How Many Paid Sick Days Do You Get Each Year? By Elizabeth Hawksworth I have had a bad tooth infection this week and it reminds me of all the times I have looked after children when I felt under the weather. I always let my employers know if I am really sick because I might […]

Nanny Confessions: I Don’t Like Children’s TV Shows

What are Your Favorite and Least Favorite Children’s Television Shows?By Elizabeth Hawksworth Unless it’s raining or a child in my care doesn’t feel well I do not turn the television on while working. There are many other things I can be doing with my charges, like crafts, reading books, going to the park, or playing […]

Nanny Confessions: Leave Special Toys At Home

Does a Child in Your Care Bring a Special Toy or Stuffed Animal With Them Everywhere They Go? By Elizabeth Hawksworth For this week’s nanny confession I asked one of my good friends who works at a daycare center to chime-in on some of the things she wishes daycare parents knew. She mentioned that children often […]

Be Clear About How to Medicate Your Child

Have You Disagreed with the Parents on How to Treat a Sick Child?By Elizabeth Hawksworth I was reading my local nanny group’s Facebook page the other day when there was a discussion about giving children medication. It got me thinking about how many children I have looked after who have needed medication for anything from […]

Nanny Confessions: We Need To Make Our Own Mistakes

Coping with Separation AnxietyBy Elizabeth HawksworthWhen starting a new nanny job for a parent who works from home, I have often found myself in the following predicament. The baby will cry, the mother or father comes running in to “save her,”  the baby calms down in the parent’s arms, but she immediately begins to cry […]

Nanny Confessions: Sleep Training Helps Us a Lot!

What is Your Favorite Sleep Training Method? I’ve talked to a lot of parents over the years who love every part of parenting except sleep training. These days sleep training has become controversial with dozens of methods ranging from gentle to strict styles. Some cry-it-out methods, that may have been popular in the past, aren’t considered good for child development […]

Traditional Educational Play Isn’t Interesting

Nanny Confessions by Elizabeth Hawksworth What are Your Favorite Ways to Help Children Learn and Grow? By Elizabeth Hawksworth Whenever I look at ads for nanny jobs one of the main job duties listed is “educational play.” Traditionally, this means spending time with children working on writing and reading using electronic LeapPads or tablets, doing mathematical […]

Nanny Confessions: We Want You To Come Home On Time

Nanny Confessions by Elizabeth Hawksworth Are You Paid Overtime?I admit that as a nanny, I am sometimes excited when the parents come home late. It means extra money for me. It may also mean more time with the kids, which can be great if we’re doing a special craft or watching a movie. But nine times […]