Baby Shusher

Products Nannies Love The Baby Shusher uses the ancient and Doctor-tested technique to help soothe a fussy baby. The Baby Shusher uses the parenting technique made popular by Dr. Harbey Karp in The Happiest Baby on the Block book called shushing. It is actually very noisy in the womb. The rhythmic shush of the Baby Shusher makes them […]

Do the Kids You Care for Get Enough Sleep?

A Preschooler’s Nap an Important Tool for Learning I have heard complaints from several nannies this week complaining that their preschool -aged charges don’t get enough sleep and the sleep-deprived kids are moody and aren’t enjoying camp, swim lessons, and otherwise fun summertime activities. I myself am cranky and forgetful when I don’t get my […]

Nanny Confessions: Sleep Training Helps Us a Lot!

What is Your Favorite Sleep Training Method? I’ve talked to a lot of parents over the years who love every part of parenting except sleep training. These days sleep training has become controversial with dozens of methods ranging from gentle to strict styles. Some cry-it-out methods, that may have been popular in the past, aren’t considered good for child development […]

Can Bed-Sharing With an Infant Be Done Safely?

Should a Nanny Speak Up About Concerns of Parents Sharing Their Bed with Baby? An anonymous nanny contacted Be the Best Nanny Newsletter yesterday asking what she can do about parents that don’t have their baby sleep in her crib but have their baby sleep with their baby in their bed. She’s not only frustrated that the baby […]

Do You Get Enough Sleep?

Why Nannies Need to Get Enough Sleep Yesterday we asked nannies and au pairs how long they work each day. On our Facebook page 33 in-home childcare providers all answered they work more than eight-hours per day or a 40-hour work week. It’s often hard to feel rested when caregivers have to wake up early and end work […]

Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

How Early Do You Get Up to Go to Work? Yesterday we asked live-in nannies and au pairs if they have a curfew on week nights? We also asked on our Facebook page what time nannies and au pairs get to work. Today, we are asking you to answer if you feel like you are getting enough […]

Do You Ever Nap at Your Nanny Job?

On the Cafemom web site Michele Zipp asks if it’s wrong to not allow her nanny to take a nap while the kids nap. She writes, “Was I being an unrealistic ass for thinking it was wrong of her to nap? I mean, my kids were napping. I nap sometimes when they nap. But I’m […]

ADHD and Sleep

Children with attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are more likely to have sleep difficulties. By Patti Teel and Children who are anxious or depressed, are sensitive to sugar, or are sleep-deprived also may display attention problems, poor impulse control and hyperactivity. In the July/August 2003 issue of Psychology Today, a Brown University study suggests “sleep […]

March To-Do List

Bed Posture: Why You Probably Don’t Sleep Like a Baby Last month’s to-do list focused on proper posture when standing, walking, and sitting. Since we spend one-third of our lives in bed, this month we discuss proper posture in bed. The basic rules for bed posture are the same for adults, children, and infants: sleep […]

Weekly Trip to the Library for Au Pairs and Nannies

Review of The Sleepeasy Solution For many weeks we have been reviewing infant sleep training books. Just type the word “sleep” to search our blog for previous reviews by Dr. Harvey Karp, Dr. Richard Ferber, Elizabeth Pantley, William Sears, Gary Ezzo, Gina Ford, and Kim West. The next book in the series is The Sleepeasy […]