Where Are Nannies in America Making the Most Money?

2012 International Nanny Association Salary and Benefits Survey

Six hundred seventy-three (673) in-home child care providers responded to the International Nanny Association Salary Survey. Six hundred sixty–one (661) respondents indicated that they were employed as of December 31, 2011, and therefore were eligible to complete the survey.

The 2012 INA Nanny Salary and Benefits Survey is a sample of the nanny salary and benefits represented across the United States.

Salary Survey Results Highlights:
The national average hourly rate for babysitting or short-term assignments is $16 per hour.
The national average gross weekly salary for full-time live-out nannies is $705.
The national average gross weekly salary for full-time live-in nannies is $652.

Top Five Gross Weekly Salary Averages :
1st     San Francisco, CA    $950
2nd    Oakland, CA     $911
3rd     Palo Alto, CA  $863
4th     Washington, DC $833
5th     New York, NY $831

Click here for the 2012 INA Nanny Salary and Benefits Survey Results Summary


  1. Rebekah: HA! Denver, Co is NOT accurate! Molly: I'm a nanny in MI near Detroit, i don't make that much right now. I made more than the average when I was working in FL and I didn't make anywhere near that average when I was working in Baltimore… Sarah Marie: No. I'm in Boise idaho and I'm shocked I make what some of the huge cities pay I would except a lot more from the largest cities Jaynie: Hmm, If things don't work out for me in Michigan, looks like I'll be moving to California 🙂 I am wayyyyy underpaid, it seems.Rebecca: Mpls looks accurate (at least for what I made 3 years ago – I'm a stay at home mom now). Roxanne: ♫Looks like Cali-forny is the place to be…♪ Bridget: Hartford is just about right. I work in a suburb of Hartford. Kay: I am surprised Sarah…coming from Idaho its great to hear there are good families there to work for Samantha: In Virginia Beach, between Durham and DC.. I average $550-600/ week.. that sounds about right. Kristin: I need to become a nanny apparently. My stupid job pays less than HALF of this, and I get no joy from it what-so-ever. Molly: Only become a nanny if children are your passion not for the money!!! Sarah: Kay it totally just depends on the nanny, but the agency I go through only accepts families willing to pay well for a great nanny. It's def slim pickins compared to when I nannied in orange county ca but you can find a family willing to pay if u try hard enough!

  2. Taylor: Yes. And it explains why I still drive to DC, rather than finding a new gig in Baltimore!Kristin: Molly, if there are women on this planet where "children AREN'T their passion" I would be surprised. Haha Molly: There are a lot, I just hate to see someone become a nanny or work with children for the wrong reasons Darlene: its around about in Boston. But I have to say I net more than they have for gross. education and experience play a part in that too!!! Judy: for sure Shelby: Doesn't how much you make depend on amount of children and hours? I make just about the amount weekly for area I work in, but…i only have one child and work 30-35 hrs a week. Dawn: My thought is this……I guess because I've been lucky a few times finding jobs that paid really well (last one $700/wk), that I've been living in fantasyland. As of late, I can only find jobs paying $450-550, a real reality slap. Kari: do we know the ackgrounds of the nannies and experience? The hours?? There is soo much to factor in regarding salary ‎@molly there are alot of nannies that become nannies for the wrong reasons… for one many think it is easy money.. and 2 its one of the few "professional" jobs that you DONT NEED any education in to get a job… there are no "Job requirements" to be in this profession. I see lots of nannies who are nannies that shouldn't be nanniesLinda: Chicago area pays more than is listed here. Chrissy: Seems about right here in Jersey…Sarah: LOL Kristin some people are taking this too seriously….i know if you arent a nanny for the right reasons you wont last. end of story haha Kristin: Took the words right out of my mouth! Marybeth: I work for a wonderful family that I love very much and have a husband that is technically our families' breadwinner. Yet when I averaged it out today, working for a school employee and getting paid for the time I have off for Christmas, Easter and only working part time in the summer, I make $5.30 hourly. I have a certificate in Early Childhood Education, but I do it because I LOVE those kids. They make my day brighter… especially as my own are going off to college in the fall. Sarah Marie: Marybeth you deserve so much more than that! I don't have a degree and I make four times that plus benefits. I Think one down fall to being a nanny is we don't value ourselves enough. As much I love children, I have to love myself too and get what I'm worth Kari: ‎@marybeth,,,, you hit the nail on the head.. it isnt always about the money as being with a family you mesh with and doing a job you love.

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