Why Are Nannies Having a Harder Time Finding Great Jobs?

Do You Think the Economy is to Blame? This week we are discussing the results of our monthly poll that asked nannies what they think is making it hard for American’s to find great nanny jobs? The majority of survey participants answered that illegal immigrants are the number one reason Americans are finding it harder […]

What is Causing a Shortage of Jobs for Nannies?

Factors Affecting the Supply and Demand of Nannies We have been discussing that the average nanny only makes $19,300 per year compared to a national mean for all workers of $44,410. Plus, the Bureau of Labor Statistics confirms that wages for childcare workers have decreased over the last few years. We have speculated that the […]

Does the Au Pair Program Provide Unfair Competition for Nannies?

Are More Au Pairs Taking Much Needed Nanny Jobs? Since the au pair program was created to alleviate a shortage of eligible workers in the United States, is the au pair program necessary today given the condition of the economy? Last week we asked if the demand and pay for nannies is declining as the […]

Making a Web Site for Your Nanny Resume

Marketing Yourself for a Great Nanny Job in a Tough EconomyWe have been discussing how to find a nanny job in a tough economy. Now that more nannies use nanny web sites to find nanny jobs than any other method it’s time for job seekers to use the Internet to market themselves. This week we […]

How to Use Facebook to Find a Nanny Job

Thinking Outside of the Box to Find a Nanny Job The biggest social media tool is Facebook. Facebook allows you to connect with friends in a more relaxed setting than LinkedIn. It also allows you to follow the nanny industry businesses you prefer. You can utilize your Facebook account much like your Twitter and LinkedIn […]

Are Your Salary and Benefit Demands Reasonable?

Finding a Nanny Job in Tough Economic Times We have been discussing how to find a great nanny job during an economic recession. I would never say a professional, experienced, reputable nanny cannot find a great salary and good benefits during the economic recession. But it’s common sense that there are less nanny jobs available, […]

Do You Have a Nanny Portfolio?

Getting a Great Nanny Job in Tough Economy Over the past two-weeks we have suggested a few ways to land a great nanny job even during an economic recession. If you want to get a professional nanny job follow some of our suggestions: 1. Network with anyone who will listen and by all means possible. […]

Are Nannies Making Less Now?

The Wall Street Journal Says Now is the Time to Hire Bargain Nannies The Wall Street Journal published the article, Soft Economy Eases Cost of Hiring a Nanny by Pui-Wing Tam last week. The newspaper reports the best place to find a bargain nanny is in California. The article says that nannies in California used […]

Affording a nanny

Parents often believe a nanny is too expensive and are surprised by how affordable a nanny can be. By Michelle BarbeeExaminer.com The best childcare is affordable, convenient, safe, nurturing, and educational and has a low child-adult ratio. Daycare centers, home daycares and nannies can all fit these criteria, but many parents don’t even consider a […]

Nanny Sharing in a Tough Economy

The Logistics of the Nanny Share With the country in an economic recession there has been a lot of media coverage about nannies losing jobs and coming up with creative ways to keep their jobs. For example, some nannies have accepted less hours or less money to keep their jobs. Other nannies agree to take […]