Do You Have a Nanny Portfolio?

Getting a Great Nanny Job in Tough Economy

Over the past two-weeks we have suggested a few ways to land a great nanny job even during an economic recession. If you want to get a professional nanny job follow some of our suggestions:

1. Network with anyone who will listen and by all means possible.
2. Create a standout resume.
3. Have stellar job references, getting as many in writing as you can.
4. Be trained in CPR/First Aid certification.
5. Get your driver’s license.
6. Take nanny training courses or some early childhood education courses.

Today we suggest organizing a nanny portfolio. Nanny portfolios can be made in a scrapbook, photo album, or a three-ring binder and should include any information a nanny candidate would like to share with parents.

The portfolio should include a current resume, written letters of reference, evaluations or performance reviews, copies of degrees, and a listing of classes taken, workshops attended, or awards received. Also include a current CPR and First Aid certification, a Social Security card, and a driver’s license. Photos of activities and projects done with children are a great way for caregivers to show future employers their creativity and enthusiasm for their job.

Though it may sound like this should be a huge book, in fact you really must edit what you include. The most important thing to remember when putting your portfolio together is that less is more. The portfolio should be small enough to be able to flip to any given page to illustrate an answer to an interview question. Feel free to create an index if it will help you find specific pages.

Using a working portfolio may help you organize yourself and keep your professional portfolio up to date. The working portfolio is an easy place to stick any piece of work or sample that you may want to use later, and becomes the source of work for your professional portfolio.

Remember to use your portfolio during your interview, only if you know the parents have an interest to look at it. Certainly don’t force them to look at your portfolio. Typically parents are happy to look at your portfolio since words can only portray so much. Showing and telling an answer to a question will be twice as effective in demonstrating your abilities during an interview.

Have you brought a nanny portfolio to job interviews?


  1. Never thought to do it but makes sense. Teachers have working portfolios, why not nannies? Thanks for super advice as always.

  2. wow, most complete portfolio article I ever read! Thxs!–Reyna

  3. My current employer wouldn't even look at my portfolio she said it was overkill. Too much, doesn't need to see that.

  4. I spent zillions of hours making my portfolio and really helpful when explaining discilpline charts I make.

  5. I have one and keep adding things.From my past experiences, it's best to just add the most important things- as families generally just flip thru it.At interviews, I let the parents ask their questions first. And when they say- do you have any questions for us? I show my portfolio and then the questions flow.Many have just quickly flipped thru it- but all said they were impressed by it- since none of the other nannies they met had one-and most times not even a resume.


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