15 Nanny Quarantine Boredom Busters

img_5954Nanny Confessions

I have worked as a nanny during the entire pandemic until 11 days ago when I had a fever, extreme fatigue, and lost my sense of taste and smell.

Of course I got tested for Covid-19 and went home to sleep and quarantine. Although I could barely get out of bed for five days and some symptoms lingered longer than that, today on day 11, I can finally say I’m over the worst of it and I no longer have physical symptoms of Covid-19.

I confess, I love working, having a schedule, and being productive. So, suddenly being quarantined and stuck at home has been as emotionally draining as it was physically exhausting to have Covid-19.

Now that I’m physically feeling better I’m ready to turn my frown upside down and get productive doing things around the house and to further my career that I never seem to have enough time to do.

15 Nanny Quarantine Boredom Busters:

1. Update your resume and make it modern

2. Make a nanny portfolio to highlight your professional achievements to prospective employers

3. Take a quick online course and gain online certifications to add to your nanny resume. If you cannot complete some certifications currently due to the pandemic, study and prepare for the certifications for when you can take them again when they are available in-person

4. Update your LinkedIn profile

5. Read parenting, newborn care, and child care books you never have the time to read

6. Google age-appropriate lesson plans and science projects to do with your Nanny Kids when you get back to work

7. Volunteer virtually to help a charity or cause that interests you

8. Clean up your online profile and protect your online reputation

9. Clean out closets and drawers to throw out junk and make a donation pile

10. Turn off social media for a day and make calls or FaceTime with friends and family members you haven’t spoken with in a while

11. Start a journal or time-capsule to record your feelings about the pandemic

12. Clear out unnecessary photos, delete texts on your phone, and delete emails clogging up your email accounts

13. Tackle home improvement tasks you never have time to do

14. Download a meditation app and learn how to focus on your deep breathing

15. Watch a YouTube video and learn a new craft such as crocheting or knitting

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