Why Are Nannies Having a Harder Time Finding Great Jobs?

Do You Think the Economy is to Blame?

This week we are discussing the results of our monthly poll that asked nannies what they think is making it hard for American’s to find great nanny jobs?

The majority of survey participants answered that illegal immigrants are the number one reason Americans are finding it harder to find great nanny jobs.

Participants of the survey blame the economy and parents that are underemployed since the economic recession as the second most influential reason nannies are having a tough time finding jobs. No doubt, when parents lose their jobs they are forced to reduce the hours or fire their household help.

The economic booms of the late 1990s and 2000s made it possible for more middle-class and upper middle-class American families to employ nannies. But, when parents lose jobs in an economic recession, families are unfortunately forced to let their nannies go.

Of course nannies are victims of supply and demand. When there is more supply of available job seekers and a lower demand for those jobs, the job perks and salary often go down. With all other factors considered, (experience, great references, and education) parents will hire the caregiver willing to accept the lowest rate.

As a result, some nannies are forced to accept part-time nanny jobs, jobs with lower salary and benefits, nanny shares, or jobs in a different fields all together..

Do you agree with the Be the Best Nanny Newsletter survey results that illegal immigrants are a bigger reason nannies can’t find great jobs than the fact that parents are underemployed or unemployed due to the economy?


  1. I am really really surprised more people think illegal immigrants are the problem not the economy. I don't even know any illegal immigrants working in my town. But if parents don't have jobs nannies aren't working and I blame the economy.

  2. I've been a nanny for nearly 12 years and I've yet to meet a nanny who is paid on the books, like I am. Most were *not* ilegal immigrants- most were younger ladies- under 25 and just doing nanny care for a year or two.Since it always comes down to cost for 99% of families searching for nannies- I am usually passed over- unless a family wants a professional career nanny- long term and is willing to pay legally.

  3. Above poster again.just wanted to clarify- I have not come across any nannies who are paid legally in MY area- Northern, NJ- Bergen Cty. IMO, I put much of the blame on the nanny placement agecies who do not set the standard and knowingly represent families and nannies who are not doing everthing legally. I also think with many out of jobs in their field- many are turning to nanny jobs- and the market is over-flooded. Once the economy picks up and places pick up business and need to hire again- many so called nannies will quit and return to their desired profession. I've recently meet many so-called nannies in that regard.

  4. I work right next door to bergen county in essex county nj & every cent is recored & i pay taxes & am a nanny anonymous. Age often plays a factor because eventually workers understand the need to be paid legallly. But noone ever wants to pay taxes. I would love itifmy employer would give me my bonus in cash!

  5. *Response to Anonymous who works in Essex Cty.*I bet you are only one of a VERY small percentage in your cty. too who is on the books.

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