Take the Be the Best Nanny Newsletter Survey

Nannies, Children, TV, Social Media, and Video Games Click here to take the Winter 2013 Be the Best Nanny Newsletter Survey1. Do you text or email the parents to keep in touch with them during the work day? 2. Do your employers provide you with a mobile phone for work? 3. Are you allowed to […]

4 Nannies Fired for What They Posted on Facebook

What Not to Post on Facebook I sent out an email randomly to many subscribers of Be the Best Nanny Newsletter asking if anyone had ever regretted something they had posted on Facebook. I asked our readers if they got in trouble at work or fired for something they posted on the social media site. […]

5 Thing You Positively Must Do in July

Monthly To-Do List 1. If you want to keep your job, or find a job you must maintain a positive attitude. Adopt, accentuate, and exude a positive attitude. Being positive with yourself, the kids, and parents helps get positive results. 2. Avoid negativity as much as possible. Stay away from negative web sites, negative people, […]

When Does Personal Cell Phone Use and Texting Become Too Much on the Job?

27 Nanny Industry Experts Say Limit Personal Cell Phone Use and Texting at Work   Earlier this week we asked nannies and au pairs if they text or gossip on Facebook when they are working? We also challenged nannies and au pairs to put their cell phones down just for a day, or maybe a week, even an entire month! […]

Are You Friends With Your Boss on Facebook?

Do You Think Nannies and Au Pairs Should be Friends with Their Boss on Facebook? Even if you think your boss is a friend here are some things to think about before you send a Facebook friend request to your employer! Go Right Ahead and Friend Your Boss on Facebook: 1. If you tend to lead your […]

Do You Text or Visit Facebook at Work?

AUGUST TO-DO LIST Technology is Best When Invisible, But You are Best When Visible! Last week while at the pool a local nanny was texting while her three-year old charge was swimming in the baby pool. The boy then ran to the bathroom, then to the snack bar, without the nanny realizing he had left the […]

Nannies and Au Pairs: Do You Go on Facebook While Working?

Mother Admits to Playing Facebook Game as Son Drowned According to Denver’s ABC 7 News, the mother of a one-year-old boy confessed she had been busy on Facebook when her son, who had been left unattended, drowned in the tub. Citing an arrest affidavit, ABC 7 News reports, “Shannon Johnson, 34, admitted to police that […]

How to Use Facebook to Find a Nanny Job

Thinking Outside of the Box to Find a Nanny Job The biggest social media tool is Facebook. Facebook allows you to connect with friends in a more relaxed setting than LinkedIn. It also allows you to follow the nanny industry businesses you prefer. You can utilize your Facebook account much like your Twitter and LinkedIn […]

Do Your Charges Have Facebook Accounts?

On Facebook, Kids Often Don’t Know Who “Friends” Are NEW YORK (CBS) You may think kids are behaving responsibly online and know everyone they talk to on Facebook. But in a startling new AOL survey conducted by The Nielsen Company more than half of the children surveyed – 54 percent – said they don’t personally […]