How Do You Feel About Parents Giving Nannies and Au Pairs Cell Phones With GPS to Track Where They Go?

Do the Parents Provide You with a Cell Phone? Over the last few weeks we have discussed nanny and au pair use of cell phones when working. Although nanny industry experts recommend employees limit their personal use of cell phones while working, it’s obvious that caregivers should carry mobile phones in case of emergencies. In fact, some […]

Do You Text With Your Boss During the Day?

Keeping the Lines of Communication Open with Your Boss We have been discussing ways we communicate with the parents that employ nannies and au pairs. Most nanny and au pair industry experts recommend having a weekly meeting and using daily logs to keep parents updated on the children and the job. Last week we had […]

When Does Personal Cell Phone Use and Texting Become Too Much on the Job?

27 Nanny Industry Experts Say Limit Personal Cell Phone Use and Texting at Work   Earlier this week we asked nannies and au pairs if they text or gossip on Facebook when they are working? We also challenged nannies and au pairs to put their cell phones down just for a day, or maybe a week, even an entire month! […]

Would You Take a Job if the Parents Asked that You Not Make Personal Phone Calls or Texts During the Work Day?

Should Nannies and Au Pairs Make Personal Cell Phone Calls and Text When Working? Yesterday we showed an example of a nanny texting instead of properly attending to the child in her care at the pool. In 2009 The San Francisco Chronicle discussed the fact that nannies, au pairs, and parents are spending more energy on […]

Cell Phones That Keep Kids Safe!

Do Your Charges Have Cell Phones? With the murder of an eight-year old boy last week in Brooklyn we have been discussing how to know if a child is mature enough to walk home alone and books about child safety. My friends and I have been questioning whether the boy had a cell phone on […]

Rumors of Cell Phone Numbers Going Public are a Hoax

National Do Not Call Registry The National Do Not Call Registry gives you a choice about whether to receive telemarketing calls at home or on your cell phone. Telemarketers should not call your number once it has been on the registry for 31 days. If they do, you can file a complaint at the web […]

Nannies and cell phones

By The San Francisco Chronicle Visit any San Francisco park on a weekday afternoon and you’ll likely see babies snoozing in strollers and toddlers pushing trucks through the sand, snacking on goldfish, and zipping down slides. You’ll also likely find a gaggle of nannies (and a handful of parents): some attentively watching their kids; […]