Nanny Confessions: Think Before You Post, Email or Text

Your Actions on Social Media, Texts, and Emails Do Have Consequences By Debbie Thomas, Career Nanny What you text, email, or Tweet can come back to bite you and I am embarrassed to confess I know this first hand. I will confess my mistakes in the hopes that I can impress upon others that their actions […]

Take the Be the Best Nanny Newsletter Survey

Nannies, Children, TV, Social Media, and Video Games Click here to take the Winter 2013 Be the Best Nanny Newsletter Survey1. Do you text or email the parents to keep in touch with them during the work day? 2. Do your employers provide you with a mobile phone for work? 3. Are you allowed to […]

What Not to Post About Yourself on Social Media

What have you seen nannies and au pairs post on social media that would turn off a potential employer? Yesterday we discussed what you should never post on the Internet about the children you care for at your nanny or au pair job. Today we list information you should never post on social media about […]

Are You Sharing Too Much About the Kids Online?

Have You Ever Regretted Something You Posted About a Child On Social Media? When is posting photos and information about the kids you care for on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube too much? To answer that question you may want to start by asking the parents if you are allowed to share the information or image […]

4 Nannies Fired for What They Posted on Facebook

What Not to Post on Facebook I sent out an email randomly to many subscribers of Be the Best Nanny Newsletter asking if anyone had ever regretted something they had posted on Facebook. I asked our readers if they got in trouble at work or fired for something they posted on the social media site. […]

When Does Personal Cell Phone Use and Texting Become Too Much on the Job?

27 Nanny Industry Experts Say Limit Personal Cell Phone Use and Texting at Work   Earlier this week we asked nannies and au pairs if they text or gossip on Facebook when they are working? We also challenged nannies and au pairs to put their cell phones down just for a day, or maybe a week, even an entire month! […]

Are You Friends With Your Boss on Facebook?

Do You Think Nannies and Au Pairs Should be Friends with Their Boss on Facebook? Even if you think your boss is a friend here are some things to think about before you send a Facebook friend request to your employer! Go Right Ahead and Friend Your Boss on Facebook: 1. If you tend to lead your […]

Do You Text or Visit Facebook at Work?

AUGUST TO-DO LIST Technology is Best When Invisible, But You are Best When Visible! Last week while at the pool a local nanny was texting while her three-year old charge was swimming in the baby pool. The boy then ran to the bathroom, then to the snack bar, without the nanny realizing he had left the […]