What Do You Do to Build Trust Between Your Parent Employers and Yourself?

Attachment: An Important Part of Your Job We have been discussing how important it is for nannies and au pairs to make attachments with the children in their care. We explained how daily routines are essential to forming attachments with kids. But an in-home caregiver’s attachment with their parent employers is equally important. The most […]

What Do You Love About Your Parent-Employer?

What Nannies Love from Their Employer-FamiliesBy Candi Wingate, Nannies4Hire You employ a great nanny. You want her to be happy in her job with your family. What can you do to ensure that she feels happy in her job? Treat her with respect. Tell her periodically that you value her and all that she does […]

Are You Friends With Your Boss on Facebook?

Do You Think Nannies and Au Pairs Should be Friends with Their Boss on Facebook? Even if you think your boss is a friend here are some things to think about before you send a Facebook friend request to your employer! Go Right Ahead and Friend Your Boss on Facebook: 1. If you tend to lead your […]

Have You Ever Found a Boss Attractive?

The scandal that Arnold Schwarzenegger fathered a child with his housekeeper is all over the news. Rumors suggest that the relationship was consensual. I am not implying that any domestic worker that reads our blog or subscribes to our newsletter would ever have a romantic (or sexual) relationship with an employer, but would like to […]

What should I do if my charge’s speech or language appears to be delayed?

Have You Worked with Children with Speech or Language Delays? Last week we began discussing speech and language development in children. The discussion included baby sign language and Dunstan Baby Language. We also reviewed the book How to Talk to Your Baby by Dorothy Dougherty. Today we start the most difficult discussion of all — […]

Parents that Have Separation Anxiety

What Parents Need to Know to Feel Comfortable with a CaregiverIn the book Touchpoints the Essential Reference, T. Berry Brazelton, M. D, explains, “We are all aware of how critical a nurturing environment can be to a small child, and that separation from a parent is traumatic in itself.” But what about when the parent […]

The Jealous Parent

The Nanny or Au Pair and Parent RelationshipThe relationship between a parent and nanny (or au pair) is just as important as the relationship between the caregiver and the child. Although caring for children is a nanny’s top priority, if the caregiver cannot communicate effectively with the parents, or help raise the children as the […]

The Nanny or Au Pair in the Middle of the Sandwich Generation

How Widespread is the Situation?This is the first of a series of discussions regarding the nanny and her role in the “sandwich generation family.” “Sandwich Generation” refers to parents who are responsible for their own parents, or elderly relatives, in addition to their own children. Definition at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sandwich_generation Do not confuse the “sandwich generation family” […]

Dealing With Kids Who Prefer Caretaker to Parents

ABC News Good Morning AmericaMommy vs. Nanny: Battle for Kids’ Affectionby JUJU CHANG and MABLE CHANMarch 14, 2009— http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/Weekend/story?id=7079689&page=1 Overnight, Stacey Isaacs, 36, is a hands-on mother. But at 8 in the morning, Stacey switches off mommy mode, revs up for her job as a corporate lawyer and hands over her 3-month-old baby, Reese, to […]