Knowing Spanish is a Resume Builder for Nannies

It is Beneficial to Immerse Kids in a Second Language I just read an article online that says despite the fact that Spanish is the second most prominent language in the United States and that over 35 million U.S. residents speak Spanish at home, that knowing Spanish no longer a resume builder. I don’t agree. […]

What should I do if my charge’s speech or language appears to be delayed?

Have You Worked with Children with Speech or Language Delays? Last week we began discussing speech and language development in children. The discussion included baby sign language and Dunstan Baby Language. We also reviewed the book How to Talk to Your Baby by Dorothy Dougherty. Today we start the most difficult discussion of all — […]

Dunstan Baby Language

Have nannies and au pairs tried Dunstan Baby Language? Have you heard about Dunstan Baby Language on Oprah or while attending Nannypalooza this October? Priscilla Dunstan discovered that every newborn communicates from birth to three months using five distinct sounds that signal hunger, tiredness, need to burp, lower gas, and discomfort. This is regardless of […]

How to Help Babies Develop Language Skills for Nannies and Au Pairs

The November 2009 Be the Best Nanny Newsletter discusses speech and language development in children. For example, yesterday we discussed baby sign language with infants and toddlers. Since we will not be publishing articles from the newsletter on our blog the following article is meant as a supplement to the articles already found in the […]

Understanding Babbling

Survey About Language Development in Children for Nannies and Au Pairs In the book, How to Talk to Your Baby by Dorothy P. Dougherty it reads, “Researchers have concluded that all infants make the identical babbling sounds — “ba,” “ka,” “ma,” and “pa.” It does not matter with which language the infant is surrounded.” The […]