Earning a Nanny Certification Versus a Nanny Credential

I confess I am proud of myself because I have earned the US Nanny Association Newborn and Infant Care Credential (NICP). First, I studied taking courses at the US Nanny Institute to get certificates showing that I completed the Nanny and Childcare courses and Newborn and Infant Care courses. Then, I applied for the Newborn […]

7 Ways to Make Bringing a Newborn Home Less Stressful for Your Nanny Family

Preparing for, and caring for, a newborn is hard work. Parents hire nannies, newborn care specialists, doulas, and baby nurses as experts to help them prepare for the arrival of a newborn and with postpartum care. Be the expert they are looking for and be proactive and earn every penny they pay you by going […]

Caring for a Newborn

Helpful Hints for Newborn Care SpecialistsBy Amanda Carlson Caring for a newborn child can be one of the most strenuous and emotionally draining experiences anyone can face. This life that has been recently brought into this world is dependent on the care specialist for everything. There is no room for error and great attention needs […]

Dunstan Baby Language

Have nannies and au pairs tried Dunstan Baby Language? Have you heard about Dunstan Baby Language on Oprah or while attending Nannypalooza this October? Priscilla Dunstan discovered that every newborn communicates from birth to three months using five distinct sounds that signal hunger, tiredness, need to burp, lower gas, and discomfort. This is regardless of […]