Don’t Allow Gas Mileage to Be Added to Your Paycheck

Our Favorite Mileage Tracking Diaries and Apps In the United States nannies should be reimbursed IRS gas mileage when they use their own cars for work purposes. The 2018 gas mileage rate is 54.5 cents per mile. Some parents prefer to add the gas mileage to their nanny’s weekly paycheck but don’t allow your employers […]

7 Best Apps for Nannies

Products Nannies Love When I started working as a nanny 25-years ago everyone used a paper nanny log, (which was a pad and paper), to track how much a baby or child left in my care ate each day, their mood, and the activities we did. Two-and-a-half decades later, I just download an app on […]

You Must Try ZipList!

Do You Grocery Shop for the Family at Your Nanny or Au Pair Job? I am not a techy person at all. I don’t use many apps on my mobile phone and I don’t even own an iPhone. But I just started using an online recipe box that I love and must share with all […]

10 iPhone Apps for New Parents and Nannies

What Are Your Favorite iPhone Apps? Can iPhone apps help ease some of the stress of being a busy parent or nanny? According to Nanny.Net important information, accessing records and even entertaining a newborn can all be done with a tap of the screen. Here are ten iPhone apps that all new parents and nannies should […]