7 Best Apps for Nannies

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When I started working as a nanny 25-years ago everyone used a paper nanny log, (which was a pad and paper), to track how much a baby or child left in my care ate each day, their mood, and the activities we did. Two-and-a-half decades later, I just download an app on my phone to share information with my employers in real time.

Here are my favorite 7 Nanny Apps to use to share information with my employers:

img_75981. Baby Connect

Track daily information about children: feeding, diapers, sleep, mood, activities, medicines, photos, and more. Several authorized users can be specified for each child: parents, family, and daycare staff. Entries are immediately securely synchronized on each user account.
Parents and nannies can easily exchange messages and photos securely with this app.

img_75992. Nanny Notes

With Nanny Notes, nannies can quickly log activities, sleep schedules, diapers, and feedings with notes and photos that are immediately available for the parents. Parents can leave the caregiver memos and reminders. Throughout the day parents can see the activity in real time on their device. There is unlimited storage with everything saved to the cloud and synced across all devices.

img_76003. The Daily Nanny

Nannies clock in, enter previous shifts, and see exactly how much they are owed for their time, including overtime. Simply enter your hourly rate and your overtime rate, and the app does the math and keep track of it all. Parents can track shifts as well, mark them as paid, and maintain historical data about whats been paid. Nannies and parents can upload, comment on, and share photos. Group messaging thread between nannies and parents keeps all your care related communication in one place. Track daily information about kids like naps, bottles, meals, medicine, and more. Parents get notified whenever any information is entered about their child, when a photo is uploaded, and when a message is received. You can invite as many individuals to receive notifications as you want.

img_76014. Baby Tracker

This is one of the most practical apps for nannies and parents. It tracks feedings, notes allergies, helps you remember diaper changes, and recognizes sleep patterns. The Milestones section actually lets you write a journal entry and include a photo, while the Health section keeps track of immunizations and doctor visits. They allow export of your data so you can take the information to doctor visits with you.

img_76025. Baby Timer

The Baby Timer app keeps track of baby feedings, diapers, naps, baths, and more. Quickly display the last few events, and browse all history too. Supports multiple babies for twins, triplets, and siblings. Export all data in csv (spreadsheet), rtf (word processing) or format for analysis, archiving, or to bring to the doctor’s office with you. You can add descriptions and comments to all entries. Charts and graphs show information about diapers, feedings, sleep, height, weight, and more.

6. Nanny Day

Nanny Day requires a paid subscription for parents, but is free for nannies. Nanny Day lets the parent and nanny connect privately and securely. User passwords are always stored encrypted (you don’t have to remember the passwords). The parents and nanny can export the monthly time sheet to Excel. They can share notes on activities, to-do’s, medicine to be given, and more. All times sheets and notes are stored in the cloud.

7. Glow Baby

All aspects of an infant’s care during the first year is covered in this one baby app. Keep track of everything from bottle feedings to sleep schedules and get valuable information about starting solids, developmental milestones, and much more. Personalized parenting tips are provided as well.

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