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img_7686Fingerprinting Science

Fingerprinting is one form of biometrics, a science that uses people’s physical characteristics to identify them. Fingerprints are ideal for this purpose because they are an inexpensive way to collect and analyze. They never change, even as people age. No two fingerprints are exactly alike and have been used in crime scene investigations. In this project the powder sticks to the oil from the children’s fingertips left on the glass.

You Will Need:

Ink Pad
White Paper
Drinking Glass
Clear Tape
Dark-Colored Construction Paper

What to Do:

1. Have the kids put their fingertips against the side of a glass.

2. Using an ink pad press each child’s fingertips onto the ink pad and then press fingerprints onto the white paper. Wash hands.

3. Over a sink or protected work surface have the kids shake a little powder on the prints of the glass. Lightly blow off any extra powder.

4. Have child use sticky side of tape to lift powder prints left on the glass.

5. Stick the tape to the dark construction paper to clearly see prints.

6. Be detectives and see if they can compare the ink fingerprints to the lifted prints made of powder and identify who touched which glass.

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