Teach Kids About Child Labor Laws

7dee8fe2-a547-4b06-a8a5-56a5b8a74a12Labor Day Children’s Books

It is Labor Day weekend in the United States. Labor Day is celebrated in the on the first Monday of September. The U.S. established Labor Day as a federal holiday in 1894 following years of social unrest between laborers and employers. During the Industrial Revolution adults and children worked long, hard hours. Working conditions have greatly improved in the United States since the 19th century.

The children’s books below will help introduce children to the Industrial Revolution, the concept of child labor and labor laws:

img_7592Working Then and Now by Robin Nelson

This book provides an interesting twist on the theme of jobs and work by using pictures and text to contrast U.S. working conditions in earlier decades with those of today.  Black and white photos are used to depict the machines, jobs, and working environment of jobs in the early 1900s, while color photos from modern times show how these characteristics have changed.  The text clearly communicates important lessons such as the end of child labor and the rising participation of women in the labor force.  At the back of the book, an easy-to-understand timeline shows noteworthy events in labor history, and a set of bullet points and glossary items provide additional definitions.  The book shows how times have changed in the workplace.

img_7591You Wouldn’t Want to Be a Victorian Mill Worker! by John Malam

This book introduces children to the conditions in the textile mills of the Industrial Revolution. It is 1842. The 11-year-old boy in the story has travelled to England from Ireland with his family in search of work. The boy is forced into the workhouse and separated from his mother. The jobs that the children do are physically hard and very dangerous. It describes dangerous safety hazards, injuries, and illnesses children endured during the industrial revolution.

be the best nannyKids Had Jobs:Life before Child Labor Laws

Did you know that a long time ago, kids had to do hard labor? It was the only means to bring food to the table. This book reveals the sad truths about child labor in history. Looking back to the darkest periods of humanity will help kids realize how lucky they are to be living in the present.

You can purchase the books by clicking the links above.

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