10 Winners of Free Dunstan Baby Language

10 Winners!!! Dunstan Baby Language has generously chosen 10 winners of their Black Friday Giveaway! Dunstan Baby Language is happy to announce the winner of 10 free DVD’s. Here they are:1. Andrea Flagg2. De-Shaun Silas3. Greta Schraer4. MaryAnn X. Meddish5. Michelle Lawlor6. Sara Carlson7. Heather Donovan8. Lisa Werth9. Fiona Littleton10. Au Pair Debbie Dunstan Baby […]

Child Sense by Priscilla Dunstan

Weekly Trip to the Library for Nannies and Au Pairs Priscilla Dunstan developed both Dunstan Baby Language and authored the book Child Sense. According to the Australian child-development expert, every child falls into one of four sense-based categories for experiencing, interpreting and relating to the world: tactile; auditory; visual; and taste-and-smell. She includes simple-to-use checklists […]

Black Friday Give-Away

Win a Free Dunstan Baby Language DVD Dunstan Baby Language is generously offering a free DVD to five nannies or au pairs. They will select the five best answers for two questions that are listed below. All you have to do is visit the Dunstan Baby Langauge web site by clicking here or read our […]

Dunstan Baby Language

Have nannies and au pairs tried Dunstan Baby Language? Have you heard about Dunstan Baby Language on Oprah or while attending Nannypalooza this October? Priscilla Dunstan discovered that every newborn communicates from birth to three months using five distinct sounds that signal hunger, tiredness, need to burp, lower gas, and discomfort. This is regardless of […]