What Do You Do to Show the Parents You Really Love Their Kids?

How You Can Tell If Your Nanny is Into Your KidsBy Candi Wingate, Nannies4hire.com Nannies should have a loving bond with the kids in their care: they should really care for your kids. It’s so not ok if your kids are bleeding profusely and your nanny can barely tear herself away from “The Bold and the […]

What Do You Love About Your Parent-Employer?

What Nannies Love from Their Employer-FamiliesBy Candi Wingate, Nannies4Hire You employ a great nanny. You want her to be happy in her job with your family. What can you do to ensure that she feels happy in her job? Treat her with respect. Tell her periodically that you value her and all that she does […]

The Truth About Nannies

Nine Caregiver Myths Debunked By Candi Wingate of Nannies4Hire.com and Care4Hire.com If you just read the headlines in American pop culture, you could get the wrong idea about nannies. Books and movies like The Nanny Diaries, lawsuits between celebrity couples and their nannies, and affairs between nannies and husbands (or wives), are enough to make […]

Mother’s Day for Nannies

A Mother By Any Other NameBy Candi Wingate, Nannies4Hire.comHappy Mother’s Day! Those are wonderful words for a mother to hear. A mother loves her children unconditionally and plays a pivotal role in shaping who they become. Yet a mother does not do this alone: most children are blessed with a host of people who love […]