Rolling With the Punches as a Nanny

Learning to Work in Someone Else’s HomeBy Marni Kent, Career Nanny Having been a nanny for more than two decades I have gained some of my greatest knowledge working at the jobs that literally drove-me-crazy! I have learned that if I can do what my employers want, remembering who is boss, and staying one-step-ahead of […]

Remember Your Nanny Is Not Your Therapist

Don’t Put Your Nanny In the Middle By Marva Soogrim of Huffington PostWhen there is dissention between a married couple, the nanny can often be caught in the crossfire. Like any other job where you’re working in someone’s home on a daily basis, it’s difficult not to witness some drama in a married couple’s life. […]

How Nannies Should Bring Up Problems With Their Employers

Are Rules Sometimes Meant to Be Broken? Authoritative Parenting This week we are discussing working with parents of the four parenting styles defined by child development researcher Diana Baumrind. If you hear the parents (or yourself) often saying, “Because I said so” it’s likely they are (or you are) using an authoritative parenting style.  Adults […]

Are Nannies Like a Third Parent?

It’s Hard Enough for Two Parents to Raise a Child, But Adding a Nanny Makes it More Complicated It would be impossible for any two parents to agree 100 percent of the time on how to raise a child. But, it gets even more complicated when you throw another person (a nanny) into the mix. […]

Is it Awkward Discussing Problems With Your Boss? Did You See This Segment on Today?

How to survive awkward conversations with your babysitter Did you see this segment on the TODAY show? Career coach Debra Shigley and Parents magazine’s Chandra Turner discuss how to deal with situations that may come up with  a babysitter or childcare provider. They ask questions like, “If your friend is looking for a nanny and asks […]

What Do You Love About Your Parent-Employer?

What Nannies Love from Their Employer-FamiliesBy Candi Wingate, Nannies4Hire You employ a great nanny. You want her to be happy in her job with your family. What can you do to ensure that she feels happy in her job? Treat her with respect. Tell her periodically that you value her and all that she does […]

September To-Do List for Nannies and Au Pairs

Avoid Slow Ears Syndrome Slow Ears Syndrome is what I call it when children talk to me and I hear the words, but not the underlying meaning of what they are trying to say. Slow Ears Syndrome is also when I speak to my charges and they don’t listen to me. Slow Ears Syndrome is when kids and […]

Do You Text With Your Boss During the Day?

Keeping the Lines of Communication Open with Your Boss We have been discussing ways we communicate with the parents that employ nannies and au pairs. Most nanny and au pair industry experts recommend having a weekly meeting and using daily logs to keep parents updated on the children and the job. Last week we had […]

Do You Use a Daily Log?

Helping Nannies and Au Pairs Communicate with Parents Most nannies and au pairs find working with children comes naturally. Communicating with parents (employers) can be much harder for most in-home childcare providers. Yesterday we explained that most nanny and au pair industry experts recommend parents and nannies have a weekly meeting to discuss issue that […]

When Your Boss Criticizes Your Work

Coping with a Micro-Managing, Nit-Picky, or Critical Boss No one wants to be criticized. When you try your best at a job and try to keep a good attitude it’s really hard to remain motivated if you are consistently criticized. If you have a boss that micro-manages your work or nit-picks, remember that their criticisms […]