Do You Use a Daily Log?

Helping Nannies and Au Pairs Communicate with Parents

Most nannies and au pairs find working with children comes naturally. Communicating with parents (employers) can be much harder for most in-home childcare providers.

Yesterday we explained that most nanny and au pair industry experts recommend parents and nannies have a weekly meeting to discuss issue that may come up with the job. Another way to promote communication between parents and in-home childcare providers is the daily log.

A daily log is simply a three-ring binder or folder kept in the kitchen, near a phone. The daily log should contain all emergency phone numbers, schedules, and any emergency information that may be needed such as health insurance numbers, allergies the children have, and medications children may be taking.

Nannies and au pairs should list what the children eat each day on the daily log sheet. When working with infants caregivers should record the times and amounts the infant eats, when and how long they nap, and how many times their diapers were changed. Any change in feeding or diaper changes should be noted.

When working with older children, nannies should list the indoor and outdoor activities of the children, homework completed, and their mood during the day. Parents love when nannies list developmental milestones or describe funny moments with the children.

Do you use a daily log?


  1. At most of my jobs I have but at this one with 4 kids no time to do it. I leave notes if I have to. In previous jobs it bothered me that I had to write in log but parents didn't. Logs are great for when giving kids prescription meds but parents need to do it too.

  2. Yep, all day every day.

  3. Samantha:yes! makes for a smoother transition from mom to me and me to mom at the end of the day! Christine:Yes I do just so mom knows what we did all day and what the 20 month ate that day (she's not a big eater) but its a great tool everyone should try it Sarah:Yes, I made up a fill in sheet with meal/snack, nap, and diaper/potty times, as well as a part for when they are sick: temp and at what time as well as time and dosages of meds. Sarah:Yes mom and I did with the toddler whn she was a baby and now we do it with the 5 1/2 month old twins. Easier to keep track the girls day plus we try to keep track whn they had floor time and all. Colleen:not at the moment, toddlers 19mnths i keep track of all her activities and its been good for the past 10mnths, when the next baby comes in 4mnths im going to have to use a log to keep track! thanks Michele:Yes I always have for 27 yrs as a professional Nanny Lisa:When my charges are verbal no, just headlines of things. We keep a calendar for big things. With the babies yes. Emelie:Yes and have always done so!! Kassanndra:I tried to but the dad seemed to find it odd and the mom just wanted me to tell her about everything anyhow so I don't bother.

  4. Yes, helps me track their days. It was especially helpful when I cared for twins- my days were so busy- I could never remember later on which child did what- i.e, pooed, had more milk, etc.Once the children get older- about 5 years old- I stop keeping very detailed logs, since parents always called to check in and spoke with child- or child would tell them about their day over family dinner.But it's a MUST- IMO- with younger children and a long day. And working for a family who you only see for a few minutes in the a.m. and p.m.. I currently e-mail the parents throughout the day, so if I have any questions, they are resolved quickly.

  5. My family and I talk a few times a day so I tell them everything . We are very good with communicating so we don't need a log. I have offered but she likes that we talk about everything.

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