Do You Text With Your Boss During the Day?

Keeping the Lines of Communication Open with Your Boss

We have been discussing ways we communicate with the parents that employ nannies and au pairs. Most nanny and au pair industry experts recommend having a weekly meeting and using daily logs to keep parents updated on the children and the job.

Last week we had a heated discussion about using cell phones and texting on the job?  Twenty-seven nanny and au pair industry experts recommend employees limit the use of cell phones for personal calls while working. But, many nannies commented that they use their phones to keep in touch with their employers.

Do you text your boss during the day?


  1. Yup. I definitely text my boss. That's the best way for her to communicate during her work day. I also send them pics from my phone. I've thought about this topic a lot, especially since my last job was with two tweens who both had cell phones. They were TOLD to text me throughout the day to keep in touch. There was no way I didn't fit in to the 'nanny using her cell phone' stereotype, but I was actually DOING my job. Hmmmmm….makes you think.

  2. All the time and it's a problem because she texts me on my time off too!

  3. Yes usually we just text and only call if there is an emergency.

  4. It's kind of ironic that nannies are being scolded by agencies and parents to stay off the cell phones for personal calls but expect us to listen for their texts.

  5. How is this ironic, you at work and they are your bosses? You check to see if it is them and then move on accordingly.

  6. I'm just shocked that some people have enough time to comment so much during working hours. Totally unprofessional.

  7. Trying to pick fights Lisa? LOL

  8. How is it a fight? I date someone who texts his employees all the time during work hours? It is different when employers need to touch base and texting is the only form of communication. My gosh our AC broke down last weekend, my apartment was 80 degrees and it was only 65 degrees outside that morning. The girls bedrooms a floor above mine were even hotter? Got out of the house with the girls and my boss texted me to say be back between 1:30 and 2:00 because repairmen were coming. How is a text like that the same as a personal one? Yes I don't get your ironic comment. No fight just fact.

  9. Yep I sometimes text my employer during the day to let her know what's happening. Often it's just a picture of the children playing together. She says she loves the updates and I think it also gives them a peace of mind that thier children are being cared for. i aslo try and text her after each shift to tell her what happened during the day. She likes this as well.

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