Remember Your Nanny Is Not Your Therapist

Don’t Put Your Nanny In the Middle
By Marva Soogrim of Huffington Post

When there is dissention between a married couple, the nanny can often be caught in the crossfire. Like any other job where you’re working in someone’s home on a daily basis, it’s difficult not to witness some drama in a married couple’s life. If a divorce is looming, a couple may look to the nanny for advice and support because she (or he) has probably witnessed a lot of the troubles firsthand. However, if a nanny begins to feel like the “nanny in the middle,” she may choose to move on.

Remember that the nanny is not a therapist:The nanny is there to focus on the well-being of your children, not to help save your marriage. Seek professional consultation and you will get a professional result. Therapy may be the answer, so be open to it.

Click here to see the entire article.

Have you ever felt stuck in the middle between the parents? Have you ever sided with one parent over the other?

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