Book Review for Middle School Kids of Divorce

Dear George Clooney: Please Marry My Mom by Susin Nielsen Every teen struggles to find his or her place in the world, so it is no surprise that middle school readers love books that feature protagonists who often feel like outsiders. Whether a tween or teen in your care is a product of divorce, any middle school […]

Remember Your Nanny Is Not Your Therapist

Don’t Put Your Nanny In the Middle By Marva Soogrim of Huffington PostWhen there is dissention between a married couple, the nanny can often be caught in the crossfire. Like any other job where you’re working in someone’s home on a daily basis, it’s difficult not to witness some drama in a married couple’s life. […]

Have You Worked for Parents Who are Divorced?

Working with Children in Non-Traditional Families With New York making marriage equality legal this weekend we started discussing working with non-traditional family structures. There are estimates that half of all marriages in America currently end in divorce. If the estimates are true, nannies must be prepared for working for children whose parents are divorced. Divorce […]

Nannies Provide Stability for Children During Divorce

Have You Worked for a Family of Divorced Parents? Wednesday we discussed working for a family that practices a different religion. Yesterday we asked if you could work for a non-traditional family. With half of all marriages ending in divorce many nannies are hired by parents of divorce. Cindy Strasheim, Nebraska Cooperative Extension explains that […]

Wars Between Step Siblings and Biological Siblings

Caring for Step Siblings With the divorce rate so high in America it is likely that many nannies and au pairs work with blended families with step parents and step siblings along with biological parents and biological siblings. When working for a blended family there really is no way in-home childcare providers cannot become involved […]