Have You Worked for Parents Who are Divorced?

Working with Children in Non-Traditional Families With New York making marriage equality legal this weekend we started discussing working with non-traditional family structures. There are estimates that half of all marriages in America currently end in divorce. If the estimates are true, nannies must be prepared for working for children whose parents are divorced. Divorce […]

What Type of Non-Traditional Famlies Have You Worked for?

Children Raised in Non-Traditional Families Can Be Secure and Well-Adjusted It is big news that marriage equality is now legal in New York. Yesterday we asked if nannies would work for LGBT parents. Today we share great advice to consider when working with children raised by same sex parents. We tend to define non-traditional families […]

Nannies, Would You Work for a Gay or Lesbian Parents?

Non-Traditional Families are the Norm in a Modern World This weekend New York became the largest state to legalize gay marriage. Click here to read about the road to marriage equality. If you think you don’t know any LGBT parents (LGBT parenting refers to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people parenting one or more children) […]

Nannies Provide Stability for Children During Divorce

Have You Worked for a Family of Divorced Parents? Wednesday we discussed working for a family that practices a different religion. Yesterday we asked if you could work for a non-traditional family. With half of all marriages ending in divorce many nannies are hired by parents of divorce. Cindy Strasheim, Nebraska Cooperative Extension explains that […]

Could You Work for a Non-Traditional Family?

Working for a Non-Traditional Family for Nannies and Au Pairs Since we asked if nannies could work for families of a different faith yesterday and had a healthy response on Facebook I want to continue with a similar discussion and see if nannies would be willing to work for non-traditional families. According to Jan Hare, […]