Are You Friends With Your Boss on Facebook?

Do You Think Nannies and Au Pairs Should be Friends with Their Boss on Facebook?

Even if you think your boss is a friend here are some things to think about before you send a Facebook friend request to your employer!

Go Right Ahead and Friend Your Boss on Facebook:

1. If you tend to lead your life like an open book and have no secrets that might jeopardize your job.
2. If you genuinely have a friendly relationship with your boss and like them a lot it may be fun to be friends on Facebook.
3. If you don’t ever complain about your job, your employers, or the nanny profession.
4. As long as there are no photos of yourself hugging a bottle of tequila or involved in orgies then it’s probably safe for your boss to see your profile and photos.

Don’t Friend Your Boss on Facebook:

1. If you don’t like your job or your boss.
2. If you and your boss have a strictly professional relationship, they may want to keep their personal and professional life separate. Save yourself an awkward situation and don’t go out of your way to find your boss on Facebook.
3. If there is anything you want to keep secret and it’s on Facebook.

One important thing to keep in mind: if you’re not sure how the dynamic between you and your boss is going to play out, you might want to wait to send that friend request. The only thing more awkward than having your boss ignore your request and not friend you is having your boss discover you “unfriended” them later.
Are you friends with your boss on Facebook?


  1. Totally depends on individual relationships. But, if you aren't sure I think it would be best to side with remaining professional and not "FRIEND" ing them on FB.

  2. I agree on the above post, i am so friends with my boss on fb i take pics of the little one and tag her in the pics! Its a great way for parents, their friends & grandparents overseas to stay in contact with the kids and to watch them grow

  3. Absolutely no no no! We must remain professional and have some boundaries.

  4. Bad idea because like the article says how do you UNFRIEND without being in trouble. I am looking for a new job and can't use facebook to find a new job now because I am friends with my boss on facebook.

  5. Although I am friends with my mom boss and former employers probably not a good idea.

  6. Not as controversial as being on facebook during work I think. I think there would be more people to say not to do it and keep some professional boundarys.

  7. People need training on how to use facebook and social media in general. Sharing information on facebook is sharing info with everyone. And even with the right privacy settings people can still find pictures and details about you.

  8. I made that mistake in the past. Friends can say some harsh stuff and then your boss can see it. Trust me you don't want your boss knowing everything about your private life. I was blamed and judged for things friends did (illegal things) that I had no part of but my boss didn't understand how I could be friends with that kind of person and it hurt my boss's view of me.

  9. I am a mother do not think I want to "friend" my employees on facebook. We BOTH deserve some separate time and privacy.

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