Fun With Sand

Activites for Nannies and Au Pairs to do with Children at the Beach Most children are content to play in the sand at the beach. All they need is a shovel, bucket, and their imagination to make tunnels and castles in the sand. Here are some more activities to do with sand with children: Swinging […]

What Would You Do?

The Dangerous Grandma and Critical Grandpa For the past week we have been discussing nannies and au pairs that work for a sandwich generation family. A huge issue for nannies and au pairs working in a sandwich generation family is when the grandparents do not respect the house rules when caring for the children or […]

Tender Loving Care

Nannies and Au Pairs Working in the Sandwich Generation Family We have been discussing nannies and au pairs caught in the middle of a sandwich generation family. For today’s discussion we will assume that the elderly grandparent requires assistance, but does not require a nursing home environment. The challenge for the nanny is that the […]

The Emotional Attachment for Nannies in the Middle of the Sandwich Generation

“Just Like a Member of the Family” When parents introduce their nannies to friends they often say their nanny is, “Just like a member of the family.” And most nannies are likely to feel the same about their part in the family dynamic. But, in a sandwich generation family, where parents are responsible not only […]

The Nanny or Au Pair in the Middle of the Sandwich Generation

How Widespread is the Situation?This is the first of a series of discussions regarding the nanny and her role in the “sandwich generation family.” “Sandwich Generation” refers to parents who are responsible for their own parents, or elderly relatives, in addition to their own children. Definition at: Do not confuse the “sandwich generation family” […]