Teaching Kids to be Safe

Must Read Books About Safety by Gavin de Becker In response to the horrific killing of in Connecticut this past Friday I recommend all nannies, au pairs, and parents read the absolute best books about safety by Gavin de Becker. I first remember seeing Gavin de Backer on the Oprah Winfrey Show and it was […]

Are You Sharing Too Much About the Kids Online?

Have You Ever Regretted Something You Posted About a Child On Social Media? When is posting photos and information about the kids you care for on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube too much? To answer that question you may want to start by asking the parents if you are allowed to share the information or image […]

Are Your Charges Allowed to Walk Home Alone from School?

Very Few Children Under the Age of 10 Can Safely Cross the StreetBy Andrea Flagg, Nanny School is open and there are three schools all within three blocks of my home. Over the years there have been child pedestrian accidents in my town. There were two horrible accidents in which children were hit by cars in my town. […]

Would You be Insulted if Asked These Interview Questions?

For Parents Safety: Questions for Prospective Nannies by Gavin de Becker After the killing of an eight-year old boy in Brooklyn this month, we have been sharing advice by notable security and safety expert Gavin de Becker. Today he tries to help parents screen caregivers before hiring nannies to work in their home. In our […]

Cell Phones That Keep Kids Safe!

Do Your Charges Have Cell Phones? With the murder of an eight-year old boy last week in Brooklyn we have been discussing how to know if a child is mature enough to walk home alone and books about child safety. My friends and I have been questioning whether the boy had a cell phone on […]

Why Parents, Nannies, and Au Pairs Should Read Books by Gavin de Becker

Weekly Trip to the Library for Nannies and Au Pairs In response to the horrific killing of an eight-year old boy in Brooklyn we posted the Test of Twelve by Gavin de Becker to help determine if a child is ready to walk home alone, I first remember seeing Gavin de Backer on the Oprah […]

How Old Should a Child be Before He is Allowed to Walk Home Alone?

Take the Test of Twelve to Help Determine if a Child is Ready to be Alone in Public Yesterday Levi Aaron was arrested in the kidnapping and murder of 8 year-old Leiby Kletzky. The boy was kidnapped in his Brooklyn, NY neighborhood after losing his way on his seven block walk home. His parents say […]

What Nannies and Au Pairs Need to Know in an Emergency

Have You Ever Had an Emergency with a Child in Your Care? Could you recall vital information about your charge’s health in an emergency? Many doctors suggest that parents and caregivers keep a record of their kids’ important health facts handy. This can help a medical team make a better and more rapid diagnosis when […]

Have You Ever Lost a Child at an Amusement Park?

What to do if You Lose Sight of a Child at an Amusement Park 1. Before you go, explain to the children what they should do if they get separated at any time from you. Typically they should stay put. Never run. Their nanny or parents will retrace their steps and look for you where […]

Velcro Child Safety ID Bands

Products Nannies Love For the past few Product Review Sundays we have recommended identification products for children to wear in case they get lost. So far we have recommended trying Who’s Shoes Child ID Tags, Safety Tat Child ID Tattoos, and Tig Tagz identification bracelets. Today we recommend having the children wear Velcro Child Safety […]