Is it Really Safe to Use Nanny Web Sites?

How to Find a Nanny Job Safely OnlineBy Michelle LaRowe, Executive Director of Morningside Nannies and Editor in Chief of It’s no secret that the way nannies and families are finding each other is changing. In fact, both Be the Best Nanny Newsletter and the International Nanny Association and have published reports indicating the number of […]

Are You Sharing Too Much About the Kids Online?

Have You Ever Regretted Something You Posted About a Child On Social Media? When is posting photos and information about the kids you care for on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube too much? To answer that question you may want to start by asking the parents if you are allowed to share the information or image […]

Beware of Nanny Scams

Be Aware of Con Artists That Prowl Nanny Matching Sites A safety concern about using nanny web sites are scams. Unfortunately, just as nannies and families have discovered these web sites, so have scammers looking to perpetrate fraud on unsuspecting victims. How Nannies Get Ripped Off Scammers fill out an online profile at the nanny […]

Safety Concerns Using Nanny Web Sites

Use Precaution When Finding Nanny Jobs Online The Be the Best Nanny Newsletter October 2010 survey shows that more nannies are using nanny web sites to find jobs than any other method. While nanny web sites are an extremely convenient, inexpensive, and efficient way to help nannies find great jobs you must use caution when […]


The nanny or au pair, child, and parents should sign an Online Safety Contract and post it next to the computer used by the child. SAMPLE NANNY OR AU PAIR, CHILD & PARENT ONLINE SAFETY CONTRACT: 1. I promise to never tell anyone on the Internet my age. 2. I will never give anyone my […]

How Nannies & Au Pairs Monitor Children’s Internet Usage

No Privacy for Children Using Information Highway We have been discussing issues of privacy for nannies and au pairs, the parents that employ in-home caregivers, and nanny placement agencies. Today we will discuss the dangers of the information highway and how caregivers can ensure that the use of the Internet by children is safe and […]